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Shahid Nisar
Saudi Arabia, Joined Feb 2009, 136

Shahid Nisar

Saudi Arabia,
Joined Feb 2009
16:43 Jul-23-2017
MFL ID Detection

For automatic EMI of seamless pipe ID, how will the discontinuity width effect the amplitude assuming same depth ?
elaborating more say what would be the signal response for ID score marks of 0.4 mm deep and a 0.4 mm deep ID buldging(i.e. approx. 5 times more wider than ID score marks).

Bruce McPherson
MFL Services, United Kingdom, Joined Mar 2009, 26

Bruce McPherson

MFL Services,
United Kingdom,
Joined Mar 2009
10:27 Jul-24-2017
Re: MFL ID Detection
In Reply to Shahid Nisar at 16:43 Jul-23-2017 (Opening).

What diameter, wall thickness and steel grade are you inspecting?
Detecting and classifying flaws from the internal surface of the pipe when the sensors are located on the outer surface of the pipe is frequently limited by the thickness and steel grade of the pipe.
In general MFL EMI is a system which is only capable of "flagging" the presence of flaws which produce flux leakages greater than some predetermined limit
Depending on the diameter, thickness and grade of pipe you are inspecting, it or may not be possible to differentiate the signals produced by internal scores of different widths and depths.


Bruce McPherson


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