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Patrick Chan
Patrick Chan
01:04 Mar-27-2019

My company had engaged a sub-contractor to carry out NDE (PT & MT) on a project one month ago and completed since.

A project close-out audit was carried out and found two discrepancy as shown below.

a) First ASNT Level-II inspector was found to possess invalid (expired) Vision Examination certificate.

b) Second ASNT Level-II inspector possess a valid Vision Examination certificate from an earlier employer.

I wish to seek some professional advice to the above and the below two questions.

Q1) Is the inspection carried out by the First Inspector and the result of the inspection consider acceptable or to be rejected for carrying out the inspection with an invalid Vision Examination Cert. ?

Q2) Is a Vision Examination Cert transferable and still considered valid when an inspector had terminated his engagement with an earlier employer and now works for the present company?

Looking forward to the professional advice that can enable us to mitigate the issue quickly.

Saudi K-KEM Engineering service co, Saudi Arabia, Joined May 2018, 52


Saudi K-KEM Engineering service co,
Saudi Arabia,
Joined May 2018
08:32 Mar-27-2019
In Reply to Patrick Chan at 01:04 Mar-27-2019 (Opening).


Let the technician brought a valid vision certificate now then attach with the valid certificate old from other employer and mitigate the issue.

Present eye test record is surely prove that he has good vision at the time of inspection.

09:04 Mar-27-2019
In Reply to ASHOK KUMAR PATRA at 08:32 Mar-27-2019 .

Thanks for your good advise sir.

What if the old vision cert already expired (invalid)?
Does that mean all the inspection this inspector had carried out earlier will be rejected?

What if the inspector go for a new vision examination and failed the test, does it mean all the inspection he had earlier carried out will be rejected altogether?

So in your opinion the vision cert from a former employer if it is still valid is also acceptable for continual use with a new employer (transferable)?

Not sure if any of the above is in compliance to ASNT SN-TC-1A guideline.

09:48 Mar-27-2019
In Reply to Patrick Chan at 01:04 Mar-27-2019 (Opening).

ANSWER TO QUESTION(1) - Ask inspector to redo a visual test to enable you close your audit. This is the best corrective action available for you!

ANSWER TO QUESTION(2) - Eye test certificate are transferable provided it valid within period - unless your company deem otherwise.

Indonesia, Joined Jan 2017, 1


Joined Jan 2017
13:17 Mar-27-2019
In Reply to Patrick Chan at 01:04 Mar-27-2019 (Opening).

Hi Dear

This is not answer your question, but just share opinion.

According to ASNT TC-1A (latest edition 2016), in section 8.2. There are 2 exam to determine the ability of vision (near distance & colour contrast), near distance should be annually administered then colour contrast shall be initial certification and five years-interval thereafter. So what should be done...
1. Find the record from previous employer, n make sure the visual exam still within 1 year (valid) until your LV2 inspector conduct the inspection Job. This will acceptable or not, dont know, but at least we prove that the LV 2 inspector still have the valid vision test from previous employer.
2. Conduct a new vision examination test for the inspector who perform the NDE. (By doctor, eye specialist, or NDE Lv.3)
3. Do an assesment to get how many report/job that have been release/done/sign by those Lv 2 Inspector. (Should be listed), this will prove that we monitor all the inspection progres.,.
4. Provide the present result of vision examination that you do in (step number 2) To make it sure that there are no deteroation of visual/vision ability during inspection.

How if the present result of visual examination failed?
a. Near vision test (this is little tricky), the ASNT TC 1A in swction 8.2.1, stated the personnal can be use natural eye or corrected (using glasses)... So i think there will no possibility to fail during this vision test, moreover if the personnel using glasses.
b. Colour contrast test (section 8.2.2 of ASNT TC 1 A). No need to test. This is five years interval. this is same as initial certivication & renewal cert time for NDE lv2 certivicate. Just contact the NDE lv3 who release/sign the NDE lv2 certificate, the ask him to provide the colour contrast test result.

For preventive action:
Make sure u define method how to control & monitor all the vision cert record of NDE lv 2 inspector under your company. So you can monitor all of them (inspector) when the schedule of the annual vision test will conduct this issue will not happen again in the future.

Sorry for my bad language & grammar.

Patrick Chan
Patrick Chan
01:32 Mar-28-2019
In Reply to MOH NUR WIJIANTO at 13:17 Mar-27-2019 .

Thank you Mr. Moh Nur Wijianto.
This is indeed very helpful 'pak.

Also thanks to all other responder who had contributed to this topic.

I will now close this thread but any more contribution to this subject matter is most welcomed.

Very much appreciated.


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