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AT-Automation Technology GmbH
AT -Automation Technology is a systems house for industrial image processing. AT offers thermographic ndt systems as well as high-speed 3D sensors.
Technical Discussions
Andrés Romero
NDT Inspector,
Spain, Joined Jul 2019, 5

Andrés Romero

NDT Inspector,
Joined Jul 2019
00:49 Jul-31-2019
"C" roja en pantalla MX2

Hola, alguien me puede explicar el significado de la letra "C" de color rojo que sale en la pantalla del MX2.

Debe estar en rojo, o está rojo porque hay algo mal?


NDT Inspector,
n.n., Joined Jul 2009, 31


NDT Inspector,
Joined Jul 2009
11:31 Jul-31-2019
Re: "C" roja en pantalla MX2
In Reply to Andrés Romero at 00:49 Jul-31-2019 (Opening).

"C" It means the C-Scan data collected is "Compressed" because the screen is not "long" enough to display full length, therefore the C-scan will not display enough all the collected data, so if you have indication it will be display "shorter" or not be displayed on the screen of the testing unit due to be compressed.However when you upload the raw data onto analysis software, the data is not compressed anymore.
That is my understand, correct me if I am wrong.


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