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NDT Inspector,
Inspection Service Company, Iraq, Joined Aug 2015, 1


NDT Inspector,
Inspection Service Company,
Joined Aug 2015
10:39 Jun-08-2016
RT with Insulation

Dear Experts,
I have tank 23000 m3 (in-service), need make maintenance for this tank during next month.
no have any record for NDT work in this tank. Now need to doing it.
the tank was insulation from outside.

My question is can possible to make RT shooting for tee joint (tank) without remove the insulation?
Best regards


Jon Wallis
NDT Inspector, -
Netherlands, Joined Feb 2010, 626

Jon Wallis

NDT Inspector, -
Joined Feb 2010
15:01 Jun-10-2016
Re: RT with Insulation
In Reply to ahme at 10:39 Jun-08-2016 (Opening).

Assuming the tank is acessible from the inside and the insulation is just foam or rockwool type with aluminium paneling, this should be possible. The insulation will prevent you from placing an IQI on the source side so you will have to place it on the film side, if this is not allowed then local removal of the insulation for IQI placement might be possble. You may see screws and chicken wire on the radiograph but this shouldn't be too much of a problem for interpretation. Your technique should be SWSI with the film on the inside and the source outside so that you have acceptable object to film distance.
Maybe UT from the inside could be possible.


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