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YXLON Copenhagen
YXLON Copenhagen is a highly specialized, award winning Danish company with 60 years of experience in portable X-ray solutions for industrial NDT.

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Jasson Gryzagoridis
Jasson Gryzagoridis
11:55 Jan-08-2017
Tap Testing vs. Thermography

The authors of the article ‘Tap Testing vs Thermography’ which appeared on the January 2017 issue are responding to its critique by J.B.
Firstly, we thank J.B. for providing at least two very valuable references to quantitative assessments of NDT techniques applied to detecting flaws in aircraft composite laminate structures. (DOT/FAA/TC-15/4 & DOT/FAA/TC-15/6). The authors are also aware of Scandia Labs, in fact one of the authors visited and spent the better part of a day in the Lab at the Albuquerque airfield about 10 years ago. However, we believe J.B. misinterpreted the intention and conclusion of the article which was not to provide information or starting a study of POD (Probability of defect detection), but rather the comparison of two NDT techniques in dealing with monolithic/uniform metallic (hence dense/stiff (Normally, associated with the material’s Young’s modulus) and high thermal diffusivity (Normally strongly associated with the material’s thermal conductivity) vs. nonmetallic low thermal diffusivity materials. Both NDT techniques easily can be used as initial approaches in detecting discontinuities in the body beneath the surface of the component/structure. The article proves that the material’s properties do influence the outcome of the tests and hence it was concluded that the efficacy of a NDT technique to proceed with say a POD study, is substantially dependent on matching the technique with the material’s properties of the test pieces.


Product Spotlight

Robotic laser shearography enables 100% inspection of complex, flight-critical composite structures

An article in “Composites World Magazine” showcases Non Destructive Testing of aero-structures
with Laser Shearography. Over the years Dantec Dynamics has supplied many solutions for the aerospace industry. Referring to specific customer projects several of these cases are examined to outline the advantages of using Laser Shearography for automated defect detection.

CIVA 2017 UT Module

CIVA NDE Simulation Software is the world leader of NDT Simulation. The UT simulation Module incl
udes: - "Beam computation": Beam propagation simulation - "Inspection Simulation": Beam interaction with flaws or specimens The user can simulate a whole inspection process (pulse echo, tandem or TOFD) with a wide range of probes (conventional, Phased- arrays or EMAT), components, and flaws.


NEOS III is Logos Imagings lightest DR system. With a built-in battery and internal wireless commu
nication, the NEOS III is perfect for users that want to quickly assess an item.

Research and Applications Development For NDT

The Research and Applications Development (RAD) group is a newly formed team within Acuren dedicat
ed to tackling challenging inspection problems. Our focus is the development of novel, field deployable, advanced inspection techniques for use in cases where standard NDT methods are ineffective. We don't wait for new innovations, we engineer them. From concept to commissioning.

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