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Technical Discussions
Thanh Trinh Cong
Thanh Trinh Cong
11:33 Apr-12-2017
fix error SD card not compatible with Phased array Ominiscan MX2

Dear! NDT brothers! need your helps.
I having a problem with my Omniscan MX2 equipment. Firstly my equipment smooth run still I take out SD card and connect it to my Laptop for delete some old files not necessary. When I connect SD card back MX2 display one notification "please insert a storage device" on the top of screen and "The curent storage device contains no compatible applications". I ready format SD card and reset again soflware dowload from http://www.olympus-ims.com/en/service-and-support/downloads/#!dlOpen=%2Fen%2Fdownloads%2Fdetail%2F%3F0%5Bdownloads%5D%5Bid%5D%3D276824377. and run back but it still same status. I change a NEW SD card, the same status happen.
So, please tell me how to fix this error and what is this error? if you know,please. thankyou very much.

Hamid Reza
Canada, Joined Oct 2016, 68

Hamid Reza

Joined Oct 2016
13:56 Apr-13-2017
Re: fix error SD card not compatible with Phased array Ominiscan MX2
In Reply to Thanh Trinh Cong at 11:33 Apr-12-2017 (Opening).

Dear Thanh,

I have not run into the same problem with Omniscan MX2 so I cannot comment on your problem with confidence! But I have seen the same problem with an SIUI device and it was related to the file system (exFAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext4...). If I were in your shoes the first thing I would do... I would check the manual to see what file system the device supports.

Then plug the SD card with an adapter to your computer... Then use this program:


and format the SD card to the supported file system and allocation unit size...

Then you can download the software there and test the device.

If there is not any information about the file system type you can check another working SD Card to see what is the file system or format your new SD Card to fat32, ntfs, etc... and see if works.

By the way this can happen to both SD Card and USB flash drives.

Needless to say, you have to

1. download the zip file.
2. put it in to a folder on your computer. (it must be a windows OS)
3. unzip/extract it.
4. run the InstallOmniScan.exe as an administrator (right click and choose run as admin...).

Good Luck!


Sudheer Jai Krishnan
Sudheer Jai Krishnan
14:22 Apr-14-2017
Re: fix error SD card not compatible with Phased array Ominiscan MX2
In Reply to Thanh Trinh Cong at 11:33 Apr-12-2017 (Opening).


You are having a bad contact with the SD card and the SD Connector with the MX2. Please contact your Olympus Service Center and mention this message to them. May be they can fix the issue with few hundred dollars



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