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16:54 Feb-09-2019
NDT certification


I am currently a licenced aircraft mechanic. I am looking at starting up my own buisness soon doing privately owned aircraft maintenance. Ive been offered some NDT equipment (magnetic particle inspection, penetrant tanks, black light booth, ECT.) I thought it would be a great opportunity as another branch of my buisness.

But I cant seem to find a clear answer as to if certification is required, what certification I should get, and how I can get certified.

I understand many get certified through their employer? So what would I do being self employed?

Thanks in advance.

William Jensen
IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc., USA, Joined May 2017, 60

William Jensen

IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc.,
Joined May 2017
22:16 Feb-09-2019
Re: NDT certification
In Reply to Josiah at 16:54 Feb-09-2019 (Opening).


Yes, you have to be certified in order to perform nondestructive examinations on aircraft. Look at this from the FAA to help you understand what is necessary.

You can contract an outside company to perform your certification testing, procedure approval, etc. but the company is responsible for issuing the certification.

I hope that this helps.


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