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Welspun Corp, pipe manufacturing , India, Joined Mar 2019, 1


Welspun Corp, pipe manufacturing ,
Joined Mar 2019
04:16 Mar-10-2019
How to calculate the penetrating power of ultrasonic waves both longitudinal and share waves

I am rising a question that, how can we calculate the penetrating power of the ultrasonic waves going the V1 block, I has seen a theory regarding to this but there was no mathematical expression to this,

The thing what I read was, we have to fix the probe on the perspex in the V1 block and make it to Max. Amplitude and take the amplitude value next in the same position we have to take the total number of echos and the amplitude of the last echo.

So, my doubt is by this how we can Caliculate the penetrating power.

Waiting for the answer
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Turkey, Joined Oct 2014, 38


Joined Oct 2014
07:30 Mar-11-2019
Re: How to calculate the penetrating power of ultrasonic waves both longitudinal and share waves
In Reply to Chandrasekhar at 04:16 Mar-10-2019 (Opening).


My question is why you want to calculate penetration power?
Do you intend to know maximum effective range of inspection? Usually what is important for an inspector is how far UT wave can penetrate and detect a reflector with a specific size and orientation with respect to beam angle, not penetration power.



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