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USA, Joined Apr 2019, 1


Joined Apr 2019
01:41 Apr-26-2019
Best way to get new customers through cold calling

Hello all,

I'm the only UT technician at my facility and I am currently trying to bring more work into the facility by making cold calls. I have a list of potential customers that I will be calling, but I have never been in this type of position before making "sales" calls. I have asked for advice from my facility manager and corporate level III with no help at all, even though my facility manager used to be the sales manager.

What I am concerned about are:
1) When I call and get the front desk, who of what position do I ask for?
2) What do I say? "Do you require NDT inspection for you parts and are you happy with the service of your current NDT provider?"
3) What do I say to convince them to use us over them?

I know I just need to call and just learn from the experience, but I want to be able to go in at least a little prepared.

Thank you.

Russia, Joined Apr 2019, 1


Joined Apr 2019
10:50 Apr-29-2019
Re: Best way to get new customers through cold calling
In Reply to Erik at 01:41 Apr-26-2019 (Opening).

Dear Erik,
"How to make a first contact" - it is a tricky question. I have some experience in sales and I would like to share with You a few simple rules:
1. Be confident and calm.
2. Before making a call try to learn more about You potential customer from the Internet, for example. Pay Your attentional: information of inspection objects, who is manufacturer, documentation requirements.
3. As You a UT specialist You know Your equipment, its strengths and weaknesses. During Your first conversation with a customer You should be ready to briefly compare Your equipment with competitors.
I know that there are so many tips in this field, but You shouldn't forget about a making good professional relationship with Your customers.

Good luck!


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