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United Kingdom,
Joined May 2019
21:30 May-22-2019
Pcn dpi level 2

I’m re-sitting my exam on Friday, does anyone know any websites or anything for practise testing?

Michel Couture
NDT Inspector,
consultant, Canada, Joined Sep 2006, 847

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
16:18 Jun-15-2019
Re: Pcn dpi level 2
In Reply to Mick at 21:30 May-22-2019 (Opening).


I don't know of any site, specially for a practical exam. Myself I would try to find a coach and process a few parts under his guidance. One important thing is cleanliness. By that, I mean good precleaning. If your part is dirty, penetrant won't get in. Ensure you are processing your part within the parameters set by code. Beware when you are removing excess penetrant. Too little, the background will hide potential defects and too much will wash away defects. Try too keep your work area and hands clean to avoid transfer of penetrant to your parts. As I was told when I was a newbie: "Cleanleness is next to godliness". Good luck.


Product Spotlight

Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Thermographic Measurements

The combination of measuring results from the digital image correlation (ARAMIS, DIC) and temperat
ure measuring data from infrared cameras permits the simultaneous analysis of the thermal and mechanical behavior of test specimens in the materials and components testing field.


Next generation for Phased Array UT is here now with FMC/TFM! Have higher resolution imaging, impr
oved signal to noise ratio, characterize, size and analyze defects better with access to several wave mode views and save raw FMC data for higher quality analysis.  Some of the benefits are:
  • Beautiful Image! Easier to understand what you're looking at
  • Completely focused in entire image or volume
  • Much easier to define setups before inspection
  • Easier to decipher geometry echoes from real defects
  • Oriented defects (e.g. cracks) are imaged better
  • See image from different wave modes from one FMC inspection
  • FMC data can be reprocessed/analyzed without going back to the field

Compact NDT inspection-heads for measurements with active thermography

The compact inspection head is suitable for thermographic ndt tasks. The uncooled infrared camera
is specially developed for NDI-tasks and offers a thermal sensitivity until now known only from thermal imagers with cooled detector. All required components and functions are integrated into the inspection-head. You will only need an ethernet cable to connect the sensor with the evaluation system.

High-performance Linear Phased Array Probes

Available to order from stock in a range of 5MHz – 7.5MHz and from 16 to 64 elements. Designed w
ith piezo-composite elements, Phoenix phased array probes provide high-resolution imaging to maximise sensitivity; accurate ultrasonic detection and sizing of defects in welds; and effective corrosion mapping. Housed in a rugged stainless steel case for on-site industrial NDT applications.

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