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17:24 Jul-02-2019
Civa POD Tools for Pipeline Qualifications

I think - no wonder, that the CIVA POD surface is easy to use. In the frame of the EU-funded PICASSO Project (see https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/92890/reporting/en) Airbus as well CEA (CIVA) where partner besides other important aeronautic OEMs. This project was established to develop a handy system to do POD calculations including modelling approaches. It was established as a chance for a real common problem solver. By the way this topic avoided the problem to setup another EU Framework Project not being successfull in the commissions evaluation, we ended with 2 rounds before: offernig a bundle of flowers which only reflected the interenst of one of two project partners but not really demonstrating a common interest of all. POD in contrast was a real good subject as allpartners could easily team up. This objective of the project was decided in Berlin at the ECNDT 2006.
At Airbus already min 2 Excel-based tools existed for POD driven NDT-Procedure qualification
(https://www.ndt.net/article/reliability2009/Inhalt/we3a1.pdf), but the integration into CIVA seemed to be a further chance. Nevertheless the experience with the existing solutions in larger POD exercises (all NDT procedures are subject to POD based method qualifications) helped to optimize the software towards a certain simplicity for application.
I recommend some publications to show how this process happened:


Product Spotlight

HD-CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography System

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Pulse thermography is a non-contact test method that is ideal for the characterization of thin fil
ms and coatings or the detection of defects. With a remarquable short test time and a high detection sensitivity, the Telops TESTD-PT is the perfect tool for non- destructive testing. With such high frame rates, it is even possible to investigate highly conductive or diffusive materials.

Varex Imaging Large Field of View (FOV) Digital Detector Arrays (DDAs)

A larger FOV DDA can reduce the space and volume of the X-ray inspection system on the factory floor
, enable faster scanning times, better throughput and better resolution images at a lower dose. Customers can also save time and money. With these benefits in mind, Varex Imaging has designed a family of large FOV detectors (4343HE, XRD 1611, 4343DX-I, 4343CT) for our industrial imaging customers.

GUL QSR1® Scanning

How do you measure pipe wall thickness without direct access to the area? QSR® Scanning - Guide Wav
e Quantitative Short Range Scanning.

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