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12:38 Aug-04-2019

Hello ! I work as aircraft engineer and for the time being i am Master in Science student in applied mechanics. I liked NDT methods and I would like to make some questions:
1) Is it worth for someone to be occupied with ndt in civil aviation? I mean,if this job has good money.
2) How can someone be occupied with ndt in civil aviation?

Michel Couture
NDT Inspector,
consultant, Canada, Joined Sep 2006, 868

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
22:57 Aug-08-2019
In Reply to dlol at 12:38 Aug-04-2019 (Opening).

I have to say, that I am a little puzzle by your questions. You say that you are an aircraft engineer yet you don't know what place does NDT holds in aircraft inspection. If you are an aircraft engineer, you should know that all aircraft come with a set of engineering manuals and that one of them are NDT inspection procedures. Throughout the life of the aircraft, various inspections will be called because of aging. These you find in the aircraft NDT Manual. Another situation will be because of a problem that was detected on many aircrafts of the same model and type. The manufacturer will then issue a Service Bulletin stating exactly what as to be done. Another situation will be an Air Worthyness Directive as a result of an aircraft accident or incident. In North America, the Air Worthyness Directive is issue by the FAA (Federal Aeronautucal Administration). NDT inspection could also be requested following something like a dent on an Engine Intake Blade or a scrath on the fuselage.

Now how busy can you be? Well it all depends on the size of the fleet (Airline Company) the NDT Technician is working for. How much will he earn? Well about the same as other aircraft technician.


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