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Armenia, Joined Nov 2014, 166


Joined Nov 2014
07:15 Aug-19-2019
some doubt on ISO 17640-2017
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hi, everyone! I have some doubt on the ISO17640. for Annex A, butt joint in plates and pipes, for example, if the thickness is 10mm, using the testing level A, for longitudinal discontinuities inspection, how could we get the total numbers of scanning is 2? why is it not 1?

TH Kim
South Korea, Joined Sep 2017, 1

TH Kim

South Korea,
Joined Sep 2017
08:42 Aug-19-2019
Re: some doubt on ISO 17640-2017
In Reply to langtuteng2 at 07:15 Aug-19-2019 (Opening).

from A or B side, scanning have to be performed from both side of the weld seam.


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