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18:49 Oct-22-2019
Visualizing NDT-results on a 3D File (STL)

Hello guys,

I would like to display my ultrasound measurements in the 3d file of the measured object. Do you know good scientific literature in this field?

23:48 Oct-24-2019
Re: Visualizing NDT-results on a 3D File (STL)
In Reply to Gian-Alessio at 18:49 Oct-22-2019 (Opening).

Usually this is a task which all Full Matrix Capture systems should do. So you should check with companies selling systems doing this.
eddyfi is now distributing the M2M series of PAUT systems which offer FMC abd as far as I know they offer postprocessing with CIVA (M2M always used a user interface for their PAUT machines based on parts of CIVA).

As you are from Germany check with IzfP in Saarbruecken, they also worked a lot on this topic for decades. Same is as far as i know for BAM in Berlin. I just came across a PhD-Thesis describing Ray-Tracing - Quantitative Evaluation of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Austenitic Welds using 3D Ray Tracing Method. The author Sanjeevareddy Kolkoori has a lot of experience with 3D datasets in Simulation as well in display, and he worked on UT as well as CT even in 3D-Backscatter-X-Ray. Check with the DGzfP, they had some interesting conferences on that topic. In Researchgate you may find more papers from him and the relevant BAM researchers.

Prof. Lik-Kwan Shark from the University of Central Lancashire worked for a long time on the topic of merging NDT data with CAD data(https://www.uclan.ac.uk/staff_profiles/professor_lik_kwan_shark.php) In the INDET Project and the TATEM project his group was involved. The group has done work on this topic also for BAE systems.

Usually the term data fusion is a good search topic - so you may find this:https://www.composites-europe.com/dl/83/download/pdf/CE2016-Vortrag_30-11-2016_Precise%20defect%20detection%20with%20sensor%20data%20fusion.pdf, also a source in Germany - WZL of RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer Institute of Production-Technology (IPT) so you may check both for moe papers.

There are also some nice books from teams in France, check maybe for Xavier E. Gros as author, e.g. "Applications of NDT Data Fusion" Xavier E. Gros27. November 2013, Springer Science & Business Media.

My first Idea was to recommend that you cantact also a company like Volume Graphics, but I found that they are only focussed on CT-Data (X-Ray). Same seems to Visiconsult.

Another idea is to check the DICONDE standard, and companies offering software for NDT data processing based on DICONDE data sets. GE inspection Techn./ Krautkramer should be able to give you inputs. They published a lot of papers on this topic e.g. https://www.ndt.net/article/reliability2009/Inhalt/th5b4.pdf which gives some advices where to copy the standards. I guess GE with its mentor series of inspection systems uses this data format in their NDT workstations for signal processing - see also https://www.ndt.net/article/ecndt2010/reports/5_02_01.pdf

Check maybe for a 3D data processing software like PVWave or IDL (Interactive Data language, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDL_(programming_language)) - I know, that GE (NUTRONIC) used this software also for NDT Signal Processing of large inspection machines. GDL (GNU Data Language) is a comparable open software. Or Fawlty Language - https://www.flxpert.hu/fl/

Just some ideas....

Edward Ginzel
R & D, -
Materials Research Institute, Canada, Joined Nov 1998, 1300

Edward Ginzel

R & D, -
Materials Research Institute,
Joined Nov 1998
14:25 Oct-25-2019
Re: Visualizing NDT-results on a 3D File (STL)
In Reply to Gian-Alessio at 18:49 Oct-22-2019 (Opening).

Gian, indeed I am not expert in its use, but I have managed to get Slicer 4.10 to image my ultrasonic imaging data in tomographic representations. See the software details at https://www.slicer.org/
I just had a quick look at the Help file and it indicates that you can import STL files to use with the data. There is a large community of people working with this software, although it is primarily used in medical applications.


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