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NDT Inspector,
United Arab Emirates (UAE), Joined Mar 2016, 1


NDT Inspector,
United Arab Emirates (UAE),
Joined Mar 2016
13:41 Feb-03-2017
ASNT Level III exam guidance required

Dear All,
Can anyone please guide on ASNT Level III exam preparation and application for exam how to apply ?

Thank you

Peter Pelayo
Consultant, ASNT MT/PT Level 3, Quality Manager
SharingNDT, USA, Joined Jan 2017, 80

Peter Pelayo

Consultant, ASNT MT/PT Level 3, Quality Manager
Joined Jan 2017
17:58 Feb-03-2017
Re: ASNT Level III exam guidance required
In Reply to venu at 13:41 Feb-03-2017 (Opening).

Hi Venu,

Let's get this out the way first. You will need to bass the NDT Basic exam in addition to your specific Method test in order to be certified as a ASNT NDT Level 3. Many people are unaware of this and are caught off guard when they hear about the Basic.

Now, let's get into the gist of preparing for the Level 3 exam:

1. There is no real way to prepare for this exam. Some pass on their first try without a hiccup and others struggle to pass, either the Basic or Method.

2. I would venture to say that 90% + of all Level 3's took either a Level 3 refresher course from ASNT, training center, or consultant. I would highly recommend this as they have the most experience when dealing with the test. The cost will be from $800 - $1300 for a 40 hours course and there is no guarantee from any organization that you will pass.

3. You could also just pay to take the exam, see where you struggle, and then study up and retake it.

What is covered on the Basic Exam?:

Manufacturing: machining, passivation, shot peening, dimensional inspection, plating, welding, mechanical testing, castings, forgings, heat treating, and very basic metallurgy.

Basic NDT: I would say you need Level 2 knowledge for MT, PT, UT, RT, and ET in aerospace and refinery environments.

Documents: Just go ahead and memorize SNT-TC-1A and CP-189, ASTM E1417 and ASTM E1444.

Defects: classification, interpretation, causes, and prevention.

How to apply?

Go here to ASNT: https://www.asnt.org/MajorSiteSections/Certification/AppStart?pt=n3&st=new

To take the Level 3 exam you will need to have a STEM degree and 1 year experience, an AS degree and 2 years experience, or a high school diploma and 4 years experience.

The cost is about $150 to ASNT and another $150 to the exam center.

On a personal note, I failed the Basic once, passed the MT on the first try, and the PT took me 3 tries. It is what it is, it's a very challenging journey and for that reason there are only about 7,000 Level 3's in the world and 19,000 ASNT certifications. I'm not ashamed to have failed, it made me recognize areas of weakness and encouraged me to help others to pass. You can do it!

Peter Pelayo,

Linh. Dinh Van
APP, Vietnam, Joined Nov 2019, 1

Linh. Dinh Van

Joined Nov 2019
03:27 Nov-04-2019
Re: ASNT Level III exam guidance required
In Reply to Peter Pelayo at 17:58 Feb-03-2017 .

Dear All members!
Could some one give me some advices for the preparation to get ASNT level III exams. I just only studies with Q&A books for UT, RT, MT, PT and i can answer around 80% among them. also im good in SNT-TC-1A.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,


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