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Joined Sep 2015
10:42 Dec-14-2015
NDT methods in demand in Canada

Dear Friends,

Which NDT methods are in demand in Canada right now?

I am seeking ISO 9712 certification before entering Canada and I want to know which course to take. I am short on experience. I hardly might be able to fulfill the experience requirement before moving to Canada. I want to know which combination of these certificates increases my chances of finding a job. My options are:

PT + VT + MT all level I

PT Level II

MT Level II

VT Level II

RT Level I

UT Level I

Of course I know very well that I have to get CGSB certificate to be able to find a job. But I have heard that with a PCN or ISO 9712 Level I or Level II, certification body is going to acknowledge my foreign experience and I won't need to find a trainee position anymore.

I would be thankful if you could guide me in this matter, so I can choose wisely.


14:45 Dec-15-2015
Re: NDT methods in demand in Canada
In Reply to PT VT MT at 10:42 Dec-14-2015 (Opening).

Good day.
Canada is a huge place with a wide variety of emmployment situations depending on where you live. With the slow down in the oil industry, things are slower than they have been in some time right now. There are jobs to be had in some areas, though, if you look hard. Getting in as a trainee is always hard in this country so I would recommend trying to get as much experience as possible before coming here.

Here is what little I know about qualifications:
VT 1 is obtained through the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). Entry level ticket.
PT1, MT1 and RT1 as essentially useless. There is no mechanism for even getting PT 1 or MT 1. There is nothing an RT 1 can do that a CEDO or a helper cannot.
Of all the options listed, MT2 is your best bet, in my opinion. If you can add anything else to it, such as UT1, your odds become even better.

I am not able to confirm what the CGSB will do when you bring them ISO or PCN paperwork. I strongly advise that you contact them directly and verify your assumptions befor jumping in.

Good luck!

Ather Ahmad Nasir
Ather Ahmad Nasir
09:56 Jan-11-2020
Re: NDT methods in demand in Canada
In Reply to Eric at 14:45 Dec-15-2015 .

Sir I am looking to do PT2 license in Canada. Is it worth it to get into the field. And can u tell me which certifications qualify you for CGSB. thank you


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