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Pranav Bhat
Pranav Bhat
06:22 Dec-17-2019
Cost Breakdown of Basic NDT Services

Dear Community Members,

Greetings and hope you are well.

I am currently studying the Oil and Gas Industry's Inspection and NDT Services.

As part of my current assignment, I need to understand costs incurred during an NDT project/execution.

Could you please tell me how do NDT Service providers bill O&G operators before or after providing NDT Services to them?
Do NDT Service companies charge per test, per day, per inspector for testing? How are the services priced?

Please advise in the field of Conventional/Basic NDT Tests.

Your insights would be extremely helpful to me.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,

NDT Inspector,
United Kingdom, Joined Jan 2020, 3


NDT Inspector,
United Kingdom,
Joined Jan 2020
10:33 Jan-15-2020
Re: Cost Breakdown of Basic NDT Services
In Reply to Pranav Bhat at 06:22 Dec-17-2019 (Opening).

Everywhere will be different but my experience is mpi/dpi is charged per the hour, but RT and UT are charged per weld inspected


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