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ISQ, Algeria, Joined Jan 2020, 4


Joined Jan 2020
17:05 Jan-18-2020
PAUT Probes, SA12, SA14

Hey inspectors,

I want to know which probe is better for Corrosion mapping, SA12 or SA14 ( Characterization and which one is better for use), and is there any advice for a new PAUT inspector from your expeerience, thats will be great.

good luck.

Paul Holloway
Holloway NDT & Engineering Inc , Canada, Joined Apr 2010, 227

Paul Holloway

Holloway NDT & Engineering Inc ,
Joined Apr 2010
19:24 Jan-18-2020
Re: PAUT Probes, SA12, SA14
In Reply to Dhiae at 17:05 Jan-18-2020 (Opening).

The A12 has a 0.6mm pitch, whereas the A14 is 1.0mm.

A12, 64e x 0.6mm = 38.4 mm
A14, 60e x 1.0mm = 60 mm

You will cover more area faster with an A14, but there are trade-offs. The A14 is *way* bigger, and that can be tricky if the inspection surface is slightly irregular. It may result in some coupling losses. Smaller probes are usually better in those instances where you can work around any little tricky areas.

I find corrosion mapping is best done with the Olympus HydroFORM or a wheel probe like the Sonatest WP2. But if I were picking the best value for dollar, I'd go with a 5L64-A12 or a 5L64-A32 because although they're not perfect for corrosion scanning, they'll do alright in a pinch and they are great weld scanning probes (especially the A32).


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