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Lorraine Tollini
Lorraine Tollini
17:27 Jun-24-2020
Magnetizing Unit & Encircling Coil For Short Defects Detection

Posted by Controle Mesure Systemes


The inspection by magnetic saturation and encircling coils allows the detection on ferromagnetic
materials of surface and sub surface punctual and transverse defects.

This inspection is dedicated to the control of long products such as tubes, bars and wires.
The opening version allows the inspection of wires from 5 to 55mm diameter, and allows to put in line
or off line the inspection device without stopping the continuous product.

Main advantages:

- Fast and easy change of inserts and guide sleeves
- 7 sizes available, covering diameters from 0,2 to 230mm
- Unlimited inspection speed
- Can be combined to a large range of CMS accessories
- Low maintenance
- Robust construction
- Adjustable field strength

The magnetizing unit on the picture is linked with an encircling coil for short defects detection on seamless carbon
steel tubes with diameter range from 25 to 90mm, up to 13mm of thickness and 24m of length.


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