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08:49 Jun-26-2020
Difference between en4179 and NAS 410

Firstly i have a question about outside agency,then i will ask my base question.
According to en 4179 employer is responsible for certification of personnel.it means employer can select desired outside agency for examination training or else.at same time we see NANDTB in this standard.question is that Employer generally has to select this NANDTB as outside agency?or NANDTB is only an offer for every employer.?if No,means there is no any limitations for using NANDTB,So what is the difference between NAS 410 and en 4179 in establishing?

We are a company in Europe that ourselves want to write a written practice for ourselves.for qualifications we want to send our level 3 candidates to England.we are not sure that we have to use our country NANDTB only for training examination or else?or we can use England companies as outside agency?

Also if we write this written practice acc. to NAS410,how will be condition for us?

Meanwhile i have to add that customer wanted us a clear written practice acc. to NAS or En 4179.means there is no difference for them which has established in our company.

So advise us which system is the simplest and easiest in this condition that we are.

Nick Harlin
United Kingdom, Joined Apr 2014, 5

Nick Harlin

United Kingdom,
Joined Apr 2014
11:48 Jun-26-2020
Re: Difference between en4179 and NAS 410
In Reply to Amir at 08:49 Jun-26-2020 (Opening).

There is no difference between NAS 410 & EN4179 except AIA controls the former and EASA controls the latter.

It is my interpretation that EN4179 & NAS410 do not mandate the use of a NANDTB (Section 1.2.1) However, in the UK the CAA mandate via CAP 747 - "Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness", training and examination of NDT personnel be under the control of a NANDTB.

Certification/approval of NDT personnel is the employers responsibility.

If you're country does not have a NANDTB then I believe you are permitted to use another countries board.

09:19 Jun-27-2020
Re: Difference between en4179 and NAS 410
In Reply to Nick Harlin at 11:48 Jun-26-2020 .

Hello Nick

Thank you for your responses.but basic question is that is there any restrictions for using only NANDTB from our country? suppose that we have our country NANDTB,but we qre interested for sending our guys to an outside agency in other country,is it possible or not?I myself know that these standards that we are speaking about are acc.to Employer base certification,but this was my question.


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