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Yasin Karavacýoðlu
Yasin Karavacýoðlu
03:37 Dec-13-1999
lamb wave prob

Anybody know that where can ý obtain lamb waves probes?
My detectors are Krautkramer USN 52, Krautkramer USD 15

Paul A. Meyer
R & D,
GE Inspection Technologies, USA, Joined Nov 1998, 47

Paul A. Meyer

R & D,
GE Inspection Technologies,
Joined Nov 1998
04:41 Dec-13-1999
Re: lamb wave prob
Hi Yasin,
Lamb Waves are generated when you impinge the surface of your part with a conventional wave (typically longitudinal) at the appropriate angle to generate the desired Lamb mode in your part. Therefore, conventional angle beam probes can be used if you select the correct angle and frequency. This selection involves understanding the testpiece geometry and the many possible Lamb modes that can be generated in it. Then you can select the necessary test configuration (probes, frequency, etc.).
It is also possible to use variable angle probes having broad bandwidth so that many modes can be generated by changing angle and frequency content.
More recently, phased array probes are being used to select modes electronically.
But, once again, your first step is stating your test piece and flaw geometries.

: Anybody know that where can ý obtain lamb waves probes?
: My detectors are Krautkramer USN 52, Krautkramer USD 15


Product Spotlight

Conformable wedge transducer

The conformability is obtained with a flexible membrane filled with water between the transducer and
the inspected component. The coupling between the membrane and the component requires a small quantity of water or couplant. The conformable wedge combines the acoustic performance of immersion technique with good coupling and low attenuation.

NDT Master Lecturer

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oretical depth and practical inside. Academic Director: Prof. Dr. Christian Boller
The following lecturers are not complete: Prof. Tadeusz Stepinski, Prof. Wieslaw Staszewski, Prof. Frank Walther, Prof. Giovanni Bruno, Prof. Gerd Dobmann, Prof. Philippe Guy

NEW Wheel Type Phased Array Probe

DOPPLER NEW Wheel Type Phased Array Probe, more stable, new tyre makes lesser acoustic attenuation
, much lighter makes easier to handle, more slim size, magnetic and mechanical encoder optional etc...more

OPBOX with standard software is able to do all types of inspections and measurements: flaw detection in welds and materials, scanning of objects, testing composite materials, forged and moulded pieces, many UT inspections, measurements of properties of ma

Typical applications: UT measurements with pulse technique, Measurement of thicknesses also at hig
h temperatures, Measurements of properties of materials, including fluids and gases We are delivering a standard version of the software (for any Microsoft Windows up to 10 x64 with Microsoft Hardware certification report Approved) and for special needs: SDK with ready to use examples for LabView, MATLAB x64, C++ wrapper for dll, Python and Linux., and also low-level description of how to control our devices directly from any USB tools

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