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Technical Discussions
Yasin Karavacýoðlu
Yasin Karavacýoðlu
03:37 Dec-13-1999
lamb wave prob

Anybody know that where can ý obtain lamb waves probes?
My detectors are Krautkramer USN 52, Krautkramer USD 15

Paul A. Meyer
R & D,
GE Inspection Technologies, USA, Joined Nov 1998, 47

Paul A. Meyer

R & D,
GE Inspection Technologies,
Joined Nov 1998
04:41 Dec-13-1999
Re: lamb wave prob
Hi Yasin,
Lamb Waves are generated when you impinge the surface of your part with a conventional wave (typically longitudinal) at the appropriate angle to generate the desired Lamb mode in your part. Therefore, conventional angle beam probes can be used if you select the correct angle and frequency. This selection involves understanding the testpiece geometry and the many possible Lamb modes that can be generated in it. Then you can select the necessary test configuration (probes, frequency, etc.).
It is also possible to use variable angle probes having broad bandwidth so that many modes can be generated by changing angle and frequency content.
More recently, phased array probes are being used to select modes electronically.
But, once again, your first step is stating your test piece and flaw geometries.

: Anybody know that where can ý obtain lamb waves probes?
: My detectors are Krautkramer USN 52, Krautkramer USD 15


Product Spotlight

Wireless TOFD scanner

Quick, accurate and highly reproducible welds testing. The System operates wirelessly and is compat
ible with any type of Windows based Laptop, Desktop or Tablet.


Next generation for Phased Array UT is here now with FMC/TFM! Have higher resolution imaging, impr
oved signal to noise ratio, characterize, size and analyze defects better with access to several wave mode views and save raw FMC data for higher quality analysis.  Some of the benefits are:
  • Beautiful Image! Easier to understand what you're looking at
  • Completely focused in entire image or volume
  • Much easier to define setups before inspection
  • Easier to decipher geometry echoes from real defects
  • Oriented defects (e.g. cracks) are imaged better
  • See image from different wave modes from one FMC inspection
  • FMC data can be reprocessed/analyzed without going back to the field


TSC Amigo2 - ACFM technology has developed a solid reputation for accurately detecting and sizing
surface-breaking cracks through paint and coatings. As the industry demands increased performance in speed, signal quality, and portability, it’s time for an evolution. It’s time for Amigo2.

IntraPhase Athena Phased Array System

The Athena Phased Array system, manufactured by WesDyne NDE Products & Technology, consists of a pha
sed array acquisition system and PC running IntraSpect software. A PC is used to perform acquisition, analysis and storage of the data. System hardware is capable of operating up to four data sets with any combination of phased array or conventional UT probes. NOW AVAILABLE IN 64-64 CONFIGURATION.

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