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08:28 Jan-29-2008

How effective is IRIS for embedded finned tube ?

05:22 Jan-31-2008
Leon Vermeulen
Re: IRIS It really depends on which kind of defects you want to detect. For internal defects it has no influence. External defects are uncommon in finned tubes

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: How effective is IRIS for embedded finned tube ?
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03:15 Feb-01-2008

burhanudin sudharmin

Engineering, Reliability and Integrity Eng
Shell Malaysia Trading,
Joined Jan 2008
Re: IRIS Though external defects are uncommon in finned tubes, it should be noted that externals are easily visually inspected.
IRIS application are more generally used to determine remaining thickness of a tube.

06:09 Feb-01-2008
tiago machado
Re: IRIS IRIS inspection tube data!

04:40 Mar-08-2008
kyung tae kim
Re: IRIS 2 different tubes like A and B
"A" tube is in "B" tube.
In between A and B there is thin metal film all around of tube.

Can you measure this film thickness uniformly with Ultrasonic?

20:26 Mar-01-2009
Tony McMurtry
Re: IRIS In Reply to kyung tae kim at 04:40 Mar-08-2008 .

Can the film be measured? Not likely using IRIS. The interface betwen the outside
wall of the inner tube and the film represents a significant density change. It is the
change in densities that trigger the return pulse that ends a measurement. No matter how
tightly the bond, even the most minor changes trigger a return pulse. It is this reason that even bonded bi-metallic tubes cannot be fully inspected using the IRIS unit.


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