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Jack Tensen
Jack Tensen
03:29 Mar-12-2000
squirter design

Dear Readers,

Im working on improving the performance of small ultrasound squirter systems. Can anybody help me in finding literature (Practical tips and fundamental info) about this subject?

Jack Tensen

Rolf Diederichs
NDT.net, Germany, Joined Nov 1998, 617

Rolf Diederichs

Joined Nov 1998
00:50 Mar-14-2000
Re: squirter design

: Dear Readers,

: Im working on improving the performance of small ultrasound squirter systems. Can anybody help me in finding literature (Practical tips and fundamental info) about this subject?
: Thanks,

: Jack Tensen

It will be difficult to find literature of squirter design since this is an essential know-how of the system suppliers.
That's why so far we haven't received many answers in this forum.
With my little experience in this subject I will try to give some hints.

1. Precondition is an air bubble-free water supply with appropriate pressure accordingly
to the length of the water jet you want to drive.

2. I guess that you mean by "small ultrasound squirter" the length of the water jet.
The free jet can reach a length of about one meter.
Applied with a short length it is called a bubbler (a few centimeter)
In the UT encyclopedia is written about it together with a principle picture.

3. Small turbulences can appear,
the signal to noise ratio is often less than in the immersion technique,
that is the challenge of the design.

The squirter housing should consider the evacuation of possible air.
It is important to test the squirter in different positions,
often the vertical position brings air problems.

Air tries to get up and can accumulate in the housing.

It is a also sometimes a question of operation time until it begins to fail.
Increasing pressure can help, but keep the jet laminar.

I hope that this can help you a little bit.

Rolf Diedrichs

John Rutter
John Rutter
07:15 Mar-15-2000
Re: squirter design
Sonotech makes a water additive designed in part to reduce turbulence and friction in water lines and squirter nozzles. Depending on your exact application, you might want to get samples of our water additives.

John Rutter
Sonotech, Inc.


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