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Teletest Focus+ was the first system to use long-range guided wave ultrasonic testing to detect corrosion in pipelines.

06:36 Apr-04-2000
Rich Martin
Ultrasonic Spectroscopy

I'm Looking for a good text on the subject of ultrasonic spectroscopy.
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Rich Martin

07:30 Apr-04-2000

Godfrey Hands

PRI Nadcap,
United Kingdom,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: Ultrasonic Spectroscopy : I'm Looking for a good text on the subject of ultrasonic spectroscopy.
: Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

: Thank You

: Rich Martin

Hi Rich,
My company specialises in Ultrasonic and Acoustic Resonant Spectroscopy. That is evaluating how the spectrum of components and structures degrade and change with changes in the structural integrity of components or structures.
I guess that that is something like you mean here.

We market instruments and provide a testing service, but I gather that your first priority is to get some literature.

We can mail you some if you answer with your mailing address, or alternatively, you can find some material on the Internet (here in the NDT Journal and elsewhere). Try "Resonant Inspection, a "new" NDT technique" at http://www.ndt.net/article/hands2/hands2.htm
Also "A general theory of Non-Destructive Damage Detection in Structures" by N. Stubbs, Texas A&M University, procedings of second international symposium on structural control, July 1985, or else "NDT of large scale structures", Invention report by Norris Stubbs (Texas A&M Univ.), else
"The Impact Echo Method", published here on the NDT net by Mary J Sansalone and William B. Streett.

Hope this helps.


Godfrey Hands

07:34 Apr-05-2000

Anish Kumar

R & D, Scientist
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research,
Joined Mar 2000
Re: Ultrasonic Spectroscopy Dear Martin,

I am working on ultrasonic spectral analysis for microstructural characterization. The list of the publications on this subject are as follows:

(1)Anish Kumar et al., "Influence of grain size on ultrasonic specral parameters in AISI type 316 stainless steel" Scripta Materialia, 40(3), 1999, pp. 333-340.
(2)Anish Kumar, T. Jayakumar and Baldev Raj "Ultrasonic specral analysis for microstructural characterizaition of austenitic and ferritic steels" To appear in Philosophical Magazine A, in next issue.
(3)Brown, A.F., "Material Testing by ultrasonic spectroscopy", Ultrasonics, 11,1973, pp 203.
(4) Gericke O.R.,"Ultrasonic Spectroscopy", Research technique in NDT, Ed. R.S. Sharpe, Vol.1, 1970, Acadamic Press, London. pp 31-61.
(5)Fitting, D.W. and Adler, L., 1981, Ultrasonic Spectral Analysis for NDE, Plenum Press, New York.(Book)

For any further information please feel free to contact me at anish@igcar.ernet.in

Anish Kumar
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research,
Kalpakkam, India.

07:55 Apr-09-2000

Tadeusz Stepinski

R & D
Uppsala University,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: Ultrasonic Spectroscopy : I'm Looking for a good text on the subject of ultrasonic spectroscopy.
: Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

: Thank You

: Rich Martin

Hi Ritch

I am not calling myself a specialist in the ultrasonic spectroscopy but I can recommend a book on this subject:
Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy: Applications to Physics, Materials Measurements, and Nondestructive Evaluation
Albert Migliori John L. Sarrao
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Pub. Date: August 1997


Tadeusz Stepinski

09:04 Apr-25-2000
Gunawan Raharjo M
ask about RUS Dear Sir

Nice to meet you, I’m very honor can ask and get the answer from you about RUS discussion.

I’ve read your paper “Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy to Measure Tensile Strength and Rockwell C Hardness”, Materials Evaluation, Vol. 56, May 1998, pp. 600-605.

This topic are become my final project for graduating mechanical engineering in ITS Surabaya, Indonesia. I try to apply your paper by making software and interface by myself, however I know there are DRS Software and Q9000 for useful application. (This is very expensive for me to use DRS Q9000 and Modulus I, but I’m very thank you if you don’t mine to give it………)

The point is not on this software and interface, but how to understand this method (RUS) could help to find materials measurement (Tensile, Hardness, Defect, and could be possible material composition structure?).

Here is the problem.

I can solve the frequency equation, but I meet difficulty to correlate frequency to tensile strength and hardness. Where is the Q come from? What are must be include the equation? (ex: elastic constant, dimension geometry, density, or etc?)

As I read on your paper, for example 173.43 kHz result 1223.69 MPa (177.48 klb/in.2). It is easy to find the frequency (173.43 kHz), from my software it is work done and show 173.43 kHz, then I stop right here. How I get 1223.69 value for Tensile strength?

Please give me some explanation and the equation to find tensile from frequency that I’ve got already.

This is also for Rockwell C Hardness case.

I need your response ASAP, I’m sorry, because I have the limit time (on 10 May 2000), I have to presentation in front of the team.

Thank you for your helping, I’ll wait your asnwer please.

Sincerely yours,
Gunawan RM

Ps: This is my ID

Name: Gunawan Raharjo M

Status: Mechanical Engineering student at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya, Indonesia.

Address: Perum Sawunggaling, Tawang Sari Permai C-35, Kletek, Kec. Taman, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, 61257

Phone: (indonesia)-031-7872775

Fax: (indonesia)-031-7874043

Email: goen_2@hotmail.com or masterwong@telkom.net

- Sorry Sir, may be better that you send by email or fax transmission. It is OK if you send as a attachment file.
- also want your another paper “Method to Employ RUS to Measure Tensile Strength and Hardness”, US Patent Application, February 11, 1998


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