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Technical Discussions
Shibu T James
Shibu T James
01:58 Dec-04-2008
UT scanning

Up to what thickness (minimum & maximum) we can perform normal beam U T scanning (thickness check) on stainless steel pipe? Please mention the code also.


Shibu T James

Tom Nelligan
retired, USA, Joined Nov 1998, 390

Tom Nelligan

Joined Nov 1998
04:47 Dec-04-2008
Re: UT scanning
Using a proper transducer and instrument setup, you should be able to measure the wall thickness of any stainless steel pipe that you're likely to encounter. Using a 20 MHz delay line transducer you could measure as thin as 0.25 mm, and using a 500 KHz contact transducer you could measure as high as 100 mm (and much thicker in carbon steel as opposed to stainless). For typical pipe wall thicknesses in the 10 mm to 20 mm range we would usually recommend working at 2.25 MHz.

Note that inexpensive ultrasonic gages designed for corrosion survey will sometimes have problems on stainless steel because of grain scatter noise. Better instruments typically permit gain and blanking adjustments that will allow you to work around that problem.


Product Spotlight

Magnetic X-Ray Pipeline Crawler

Zhong Yi brand pipeline crawler is magnetic/micro-video controlled crawler with DC X ray unit inst
alled for checking welding of pipeline. Move steadily inside the pipeline 6''-60''diameter with speed of up to 18m/min, Max. moving diatance 5 kilometers and provide the efficient inspection of the pipeline.

Webinar: FMC & Advanced Focusing Techniques for Improved Ultrasonic Inspections

Phased array ultrasound is now a commonly accepted inspection technology. Now there is excitement ar
ound new techniques in Phased Array: Full Matrix Capture (FMC) & Total Focusing Method (TFM). Our webinar on December 5 & 6 will illustrate how these techniques, implemented on a TOPAZ64 instrument, can improve the results of existing inspections. Register today.

Conformable wedge transducer

The conformability is obtained with a flexible membrane filled with water between the transducer and
the inspected component. The coupling between the membrane and the component requires a small quantity of water or couplant. The conformable wedge combines the acoustic performance of immersion technique with good coupling and low attenuation.

Varex Imaging Large Field of View (FOV) Digital Detector Arrays (DDAs)

A larger FOV DDA can reduce the space and volume of the X-ray inspection system on the factory floor
, enable faster scanning times, better throughput and better resolution images at a lower dose. Customers can also save time and money. With these benefits in mind, Varex Imaging has designed a family of large FOV detectors (4343HE, XRD 1611, 4343DX-I, 4343CT) for our industrial imaging customers.

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