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Inspection of lamppost`s
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09:25 Jun-15-2000
Johan Blomkvist
Inspection of lamppost`s

I would like to inspect lamppost´s for corrosion under ground level on the outside.
Which metod should i prefer?

05:36 Jun-15-2000
Joseph Pascente
Re: Inspection of lamppost`s

Lixi Profiler can make this measurement for wall
thickness on ourdoor lamp posts.


Joe Pascente

: I would like to inspect lamppost´s for corrosion under ground level on the outside.
: Which metod should i prefer?

07:03 Jun-15-2000

David Hermanutz

Joined Jul 2012
Re: Inspection of lamppost`s de surface clean and free of debris?

How much surface prep can be done?

If you can get your hand in to the inside surface I would suggest manual UT depending on the surface condition (call your local NDT service company)...or try the Panametrics Epoch 3 B-scan unit if you need a hard copy of the results with a linear digital output. (excellent unit for gathering thickness data for anticipated failure modeling)

09:44 Jun-15-2000

Doug Breeze

Director, Consultant; R&D
Inspection Software Limited,
United Kingdom,
Joined May 2000
Re: Inspection of lamppost`s Hi Johan,

We are currently working on this application in
consort with Dinsley Devices Ltd.

Assuming that the lamposts are manufactured from
tubular steel, and are fitted with the usual
electrical access door a few feet above the ground,
we can detect external corrosion well below ground
level, from the inside of the post.

We still have more work to do, but if you are
interested then please contact me by email.

00:53 Jun-15-2000
Michael H. Dalichow
Re: Inspection of lamppost`s Fraunhofer-IZFP in Saarbruecken, Germany, has developed a tool to inspect lamp posts from the above ground OD. The LIMAtest tool is based on EMAT technology licensed to ZWP Anlagenrevision GmbH in Germany.

Please contact ZWP by email at zwpar@zwpar.de; you can also check their english web sites at http://www.zwpar.de/index_uk.htm.

If you need further help please email me at mhd@qnetworld.com.

Good luck, Michael

01:29 Jun-15-2000

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: Inspection of lamppost`s This appears to be topic of the year around the world. We have completed a project assessing technologies for this application in both Europe and the Middle East. Some of the techniques you have already had replies from. If this is soil/air interface attack as a number of other people have experienced there are a number of techniques that do work without excavation.

The problem is not usually just one of inspection but also speed of inspection as highway lanes need to be closed and also varying geometries of lamp posts round, tapered, hexagonal.

The most effectibve method we have found which matches detection and assessment without excavation, along with data recording for verification (insurance audit considerations) and fast speed is Guided Wave Ultrasonics from GUL.

If you email me an address I can send you a copy of extracts from a study report.



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