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High temperature NDT ?
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06:07 Dec-23-2008
High temperature NDT ?

Which NDT methods can be used for the detection of cracks in steel pipelenes at the temperature above 500 Celsius ?

02:02 Dec-23-2008
Jim Stuckless
Re: High temperature NDT ? Ultrasonics can be utilized with specialized high temp couplant. MT can be used but the issue of specialized consumables arises. PT is the simplest but again the need for a specialized penetrant and developer comes into play. It really depends on what type of cracks you're searching for... are they surface or sub-surface? 500 Celsius really isnt that hot. I've done examinations on considerably hotter surfaces. I believe the hottest was close to 900 celsius... though it was very difficult to get a reproduceable result... at that temperature minor fluctuations make huge differences on most UT sets. The set I found best for extreme high temperatures was the krautkramer USN58 series (L, K and I believe there's an N model too... my favorite is the L.... still use it today). hope some of this helps.



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