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S S Ananthan
RAA Tech Solutions, India, Joined Jun 2000, 36

S S Ananthan

RAA Tech Solutions,
Joined Jun 2000
05:59 Jun-26-2000
Hydrogen embritllement study using UT

I am interested in knowing the techniques used in identfying the presence of Hydrogen embrittlement in hydrocracking vessels in oil refineries ( thickness about 100 mm. )

S S Ananthan

Steve Kane
Steve Kane
09:58 Jun-26-2000
Re: Hydrogen embritllement study using UT
The easiest method for you may be to utilize a manual Rockwell hardness tester. Compared to a known calibrator, you may establish RC hardness guidelines.

Jan Verkooijen
Sonovation, Netherlands, Joined Nov 1998, 29

Jan Verkooijen

Joined Nov 1998
01:13 Jun-27-2000
Re: Hydrogen embritllement study using UT
AEA Sonomatic BV has been working in this area for over
a decade now and has build up a vast reference in this
application. Procedures were validated with clients and
Authorised Inspection bodies such as Stoomwezen (1992)
and TueV Nord (1999). Procedures are based upon research
of established research institutes and our own research
and practical experiences.
An article describing this in some more detail can be found
on this site under:
a product descriptor can be found under
Please do not hesitate to contact me
if you require any more information.

Jan Verkooijen


Product Spotlight


Next generation for Phased Array UT is here now with FMC/TFM! Have higher resolution imaging, impr
oved signal to noise ratio, characterize, size and analyze defects better with access to several wave mode views and save raw FMC data for higher quality analysis.  Some of the benefits are:
  • Beautiful Image! Easier to understand what you're looking at
  • Completely focused in entire image or volume
  • Much easier to define setups before inspection
  • Easier to decipher geometry echoes from real defects
  • Oriented defects (e.g. cracks) are imaged better
  • See image from different wave modes from one FMC inspection
  • FMC data can be reprocessed/analyzed without going back to the field

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The Armor Kit Contains the NOVO Armor, which provides additional mechanical protection to the NOVO 1
5WN & NOVO 22WN Detectors, the Armor Stand and a traveling soft cover. - Newest shock absorbent technology case - Water resistant design - Supports wired & wireless communication - Multiple positioning options - Tripod connection using the Built-in 1/4” threads - Simple Detector battery replacement

IntraPhase Athena Phased Array System

The Athena Phased Array system, manufactured by WesDyne NDE Products & Technology, consists of a pha
sed array acquisition system and PC running IntraSpect software. A PC is used to perform acquisition, analysis and storage of the data. System hardware is capable of operating up to four data sets with any combination of phased array or conventional UT probes. NOW AVAILABLE IN 64-64 CONFIGURATION.


NDTkit RT, TESTIA's Digital Radiography software The NDTkit product line software for X-ray analysi
s. NDTkit RT is a software benefiting from the Ultis kernel which is dedicated to radiographic image analysis. It offers a set of tools and filtering processes to assist RT operators in finding relevant flaws.

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