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high sensitivity and wide bandwidth
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06:45 Dec-07-2000

Yuan Xu

Texas A&M University,
Joined Jan 2000
high sensitivity and wide bandwidth

Dear experts:

I am a graduate student working on thermoacoustic imaging. We need immersion transducers(central frequency 2-3MHz) with both high sensitivity and wide bandwidth(about 60% of central frequency). However, most transducers available are not sensitive enough for our experiments. I am wondering if we can use several narrow-banded very-high-sensitivity transducers, each covering part of the frequency range of interest. Then, I combine the signals from the transducers together to get both high sensitivity and wide bandwidth.

If you have any suggestion or related materials, or see problems in it, I will be very grateful to know it.

Thank you!

Yuan Xu

09:21 Dec-07-2000

Tom Nelligan

Joined Nov 1998
Re: high sensitivity and wide bandwidth gned to drive one transducer at a time. Depending on your application requirements, you may need to use individual synchronized pulsers for each transducer in order to obtain optimum performance if you choose the approach that you propose.

You don't indicate in detail what type of transducers you've used thusfar. Have you tried composite transducers? They typically offer broad bandwidth (~80%)combined with a significant improvement in sensitivity as compared with conventional single-element piezoelectric probes. Panametrics is among the companies that can supply composite transducers, along with appropriate pulser/receivers for driving them. It's possible that we may be able to offer a single-transducer solution for your application, although we'd need more details about exactly what you're trying to do to say for sure.

--Tom Nelligan


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