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Driving airBorne ultrasonics
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00:26 Mar-07-2001
Liew Yew Hin
Driving airBorne ultrasonics

I am trying to drive ultrasonic transducers MA40B8S. But i have problem driving a group of transducers together as the signal to the ultrasonics transducers becomes distorted which i think may due to the capacitance loading of the transducers. I have no problem driving only a transducer. I would be appreciated if anyone could help me. Thanks

07:38 Apr-09-2001


R & D, Project leader & Group Leader InService Inspect.
Airbus Deutschland GmbH,
Joined Jul 2000
Re: Driving airBorne ultrasonics The simplest solution might be spending a separate power amplifier for each transducer element. I guess, you drive your transducers with a burst or a chirp signal - which normally give the best results in case of air coupling - then you can use the same signal source (from a funtion generator or sine burst generator) and keep the signals of all transducers synchronized. Tune the amplifiers according to the individual impedance of your different transducers.

If you only switch transducers simply in parallel to your generator it is a common phenomen, that the characteristics of the alltogether switched system is mostly much worse than from the single transducer - due to reflections, impedance mismatch, scattered electrical and mechanical characteristics of transducers.


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