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04:11 Sep-03-2003
Ultrasonic probes and Standards Block in a new condition

The following accessories are fore sale in excellent condition it was used only for demonstration. (The brand type of all is SONIC instrument incorporated)

size Rem.
1 Two Angle beam probe with 5 replaceable wedges (30, 45, 60,70, and 90 degrees) Narrowband with removable wedges and BNC connector, 2.25 MHz and 5MHz, 0.5x1 inch size
2 Miniature Angle beam probe with one replaceable wedge (60 degrees) Narrowband with removable wedges and microdot connector , 5MHz, 0.25 inch size
3 TR probe Narrowband fingertip with microdot side connector., 5MHz, 0.5 inch
4 Contact straight beam fingertip probe (including another delay line spare part) Broadband with removable delay line and microdot side connector, 10MHz, 0.25 inch size
5 Contact straight beam fingertip probe Broadband with delay line and microdot side connector. 15MHz, 0.25 inch size
6 AWS angle beam resolution block For checking the resolution capability angle beam transducers. Contains three sets of three 0.062" diameters thru holes for 45, 60 and 70 degrees. 1"x3"x6" size with the orginal wooden case.

• Photos can be delivered at request; even any technical measurements (pulse shape and spectrum) .
• The delivering to any where inside Egypt is free but you will pay the shipping costs and any additional fees if the sipping is outside EGYPT.


Product Spotlight

Compact NDT inspection-heads for measurements with active thermography

The compact inspection head is suitable for thermographic ndt tasks. The uncooled infrared camera
is specially developed for NDI-tasks and offers a thermal sensitivity until now known only from thermal imagers with cooled detector. All required components and functions are integrated into the inspection-head. You will only need an ethernet cable to connect the sensor with the evaluation system.

PAUT Probes

Typical Phased Array probes have frequencies between 1MHz and 20MHz and the number of wafers is 10
to 128. M2 Electronics offers customers conventionally ultrasound probes and the ability to provide high-precision Phased Array Ultrasound Probes of up to 256 wafers. We can also customize the probe for our customers to meet the specific application requirements of the user.

Magnetic X-Ray Pipeline Crawler 6''-60''

Suitable to work in 6''-60''diameter with speed of up to 18m/min, Max. moving diatance 5 kilometer
s and provide the efficient inspection of the pipeline.

On Demand Webinar: Using Eddy Current Array for Large Areas in Place of Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing

New on-demand webinar on the use of eddy current array (ECA) technology in lieu of liquid penetrant
testing (PT) and magnetic particle testing (MT) for large area screenings. The webinar includes an introduction to the technologies with advantages and disadvantages of each. Side by side examples are discussed including aircraft stringers, engine blades, forgings, weld plates & more. View it today.

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