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Thank you: Summary of the first online workshop on transducers
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01:44 Sep-30-1996

Rolf D.

Director, Editor, Publisher, Internet, PHP MySQL
Joined Nov 1998
Thank you: Summary of the first online workshop on transducers Thanks to all participants for your interest in the workshop.This summary will focus more on the workshop in general than on transducers - just a brief mention of two discussions in particular. The first one focused on the physics of wave propagation within the near zone (freznel zone) and the interpretation of echo results within this zone. (Ref: message 56). The other focused on low frequencies applied with air coupling as related to minimum detectable flaw sizes (Ref: message 72). This led to discussion of some general aspects of minimum flaw size.

I designed the picture of the workshop's panel of experts which showed me virtually sitting inside the speakers desk in front of a computer screen! That's really what it felt like! Of course the server worked with no problems, even the name of the expert of the day changed automatically at midnight our local time.

However I didn't expect that World Wide Web access and using browser forms would still be a problem for some people, so I had to post messages I got by email onto the workshop, and once I moved a message from the lounge to the workshop. And attachments? Besides me just Mr. Splitt used it once - and how we finally got it to work would make a long story.I am not complaining; it was really funny and I kept my sense of humor. On the other hand, I was lucky that the workshop message traffic was so low, otherwise I would not have been able to handle it - not without a bigger staff!

I also noticed that in some cases, what people said on the questionnaire was not always exactly what they did in actual practice - just like real life!

We are lucky to have server statistics. These showed that many readers entered the workshop with interest in the provided material and the follow-up of the discussions. This motivated me much more than the appearance of messages on the board, so I took the initiative and posted about 50% of the messages myself and initiated much of the dialogue with the experts. I had supposed that most of them would be very eager to answer questions, and this was confirmed by the good answers they gave.

Generally speaking the workshop was very successful. Of course I learned things which will improve the next workshop. But before I consider some changes we'd like to know how you liked this one and what you'd like to see in the future. Please complete the questionnaire and tell us what you think. You can also submit your ideas for future workshop topics here and register for future workshops.

I am confident that many readers are interested in continuing this kind of workshop and I will announce the next one in the near future. I am looking forward to your answers - your input will help me in continuing my plans.
Best regards
Rolf Diederichs

Sept '96 Statistics about the transducer workshop:

2715 distinct hosts accessed the Journal
Workshop Room Page requests:757
Workshop Room Page, distinct hosts served: 218
Workshop Room Page,
distinct hosts served per week
80 in week 1
97 in week 2
89 in week 3
82 in week 4
55 Messages posted
1250 Messages read
99 Experts Bio's
65 Workshop Library
58 Quiz
134 Lounge
191 Splitt
127 Bar-Cohen
127 Matthies
113 Grandia
112 Day
99 Fleury
76 Rathgeb

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