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Hillger Ing. Büro
was founded in 1984 and develops special ultrasonic imaging systems for high-tech materials.

00:57 Jan-10-2009

Rolf Diederichs

Director, Editor, Publisher, Internet, PHP MySQL
Joined Nov 1998
NDT.net launches new Forum Program

For more than 10 years now NDT.net has been operating the most popular NDT forum on the Internet. 3000 members from 100 countries are subscribed to get the benefits of this forum, e.g., receiving messages by email or getting contacts by showing their personal profile to the community. Very early we launched a forum program which eliminated the drawbacks of the original NDT Newsgroup in 1997. Key advantages like Web interface (web boards) in conjunction with a mailing list, member profiles, open to everybody (not password protected). These have made the forum very successful. Of course it was not always easy to get the forum free from spam so we decided to monitor each message before it was released to the mailing list. Another milestone was the opening of the Job Board which is now getting about 50 posts each month.

Today, is the right moment to start a happy new year in 2009, and a new forum program is launched. Rather than installing one of the many free available Internet forums we developed our own program thus keeping all benefits of the old forum and adding essential new features. The program now runs under MySQL Database platform which already shows in the Beta version a lot of new features. Of course under the new platform we are able to add even more features in the future.

Key features of the new forum are:

§ The discussion thread is now visible on one page by showing all replies.

§ Users can upload easily one or more images to the message.

§ For each member a record of how may posts with access to all posts of each member is available.

§ Messages showing more information of user profile if one is a forum member.

§ A math question makes the forum more secure against spam robots.

§ Users can select a checkbox "notify replies to my email address" while they fill-in the message form.

§ Authors of Jobs or Classified Ads Boards receive a ticket to be able to close their topic (e.g. job filled).

§ The Forum Search offers new filter and sorting features for an easy to browse result page.

§ We can easily open new board themes, like "Jobs" split now into two boards "Offer" and "Seek".

What about all the discussions of the old forum and workshops since 1996? We are aware about all the valuable information of questions and answers which are accumulated as HTML-files in the archive until today. For that reason we imported all the old (about 10.000) messages to the new forum which will appear like those posted to the new forum. Many thanks to all of forum members who gave so many answers to many questions.

Try The New Forum Now!

Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

Rolf Diederichs

03:23 Jan-10-2009

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
Re: NDT.net launches new Forum Program In Reply to Rolf Diederichs at 00:57 Jan-10-2009 (Opening).

Hi Rolf,

I just want to thank you and all other person involved with the managment of this web site. This is indeed one of the best NDT website in the world. I've learn so much on this site and as well hope that I've help a few. Great place to exchange ideas and meet people.


19:42 Jan-11-2009

ezio trentini

Other, Retired ex Laboratory Technical Manager
OMECO Research Centre,
Joined Sep 2008
Re: NDT.net launches new Forum Program In Reply to Rolf Diederichs at 00:57 Jan-10-2009 (Opening).

The news of ndt forum are very interesting.
Bravo Rolf!
Happy new jear,

18:22 Jan-12-2009

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: NDT.net launches new Forum Program In Reply to ezio trentini at 19:42 Jan-11-2009 .

I agree with both Michel and Ezio.

I like the new look forum so far Rolf, congratulations for all your effort. Especially if it keeps out those smug nuisnaces, the spammers.


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