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07:51 Feb-08-2009
Spot Radiography

I want to know
1. What is spot radiography, acceptance criteria for it ?

2. What is ASTM A 516 material ?

3. What is the diff betn. SA 516 Gr. 70 & A 516 Gr.70 material ?

Can u please please send me answer for these?



16:45 Feb-08-2009

bob sudharmin

Engineering, Reliability and Integrity Eng
Shell Malaysia Trading,
Joined Jan 2008
Re: Spot Radiography In Reply to AJIT S. PAWAR at 07:51 Feb-08-2009 (Opening).

1. Spot radiography is an aid to quality control where the code does not require a weld to undergo full radiography (100%) . You can make reference to ASME VIII Div 1 UW-11. Acceptance criteria is UW-52
2. ASTM A 516 material is Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel Plates for Moderate and Lower Temperature Service.
3. There is no difference between SA516 Gr 70 and A516 Gr 70 materials. The difference is only in the Grades. ie Gr 65 is different from Gr 70

17:17 Feb-08-2009

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
Re: Spot Radiography In Reply to bob sudharmin at 16:45 Feb-08-2009 .

Hi Ajit,

To add to Bob's reply, A516 is the ASTM Specification while SA516 is the ASME equivalent.

Mechanical Properties Gr 70:
Tensile: 70 to 90 ksi
Yield: 38 ksi min
Elongation: 17% min in 8” 21% min in 2”

21:26 Feb-08-2009

Roger Duwe

NDT Inspector, API-510, 570, 653
Joined Jan 2009
Re: Spot Radiography In Reply to Michel Couture at 17:17 Feb-08-2009 .

The major difference in Spot vs. 100% RT, other than the coverage, is that in evaluating the image, porosity is not considered. ASME VIII QW-52 vs. QW-51


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