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21:27 Feb-16-2009
Tim Heimel
Tank Bottom Inspections

Anyone aware of organzations capable of performing remote (robotic) tank bottom UT or other appropriate NDE examinations on tanks partially or nearly full of water? Potential future application at nuclear site to be performed as one-time inspections on stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum flat bottomed tanks on concrete pads. Exploring available technologies and delivery methods.

13:56 Feb-17-2009
Jens erik Olsen
Re: Tank Bottom Inspections In Reply to Tim Heimel at 21:27 Feb-16-2009 (Opening).

Dear Tim

Let me introduce my self, my name are Jens Erik Olsen and I'm in charge of the department for Advance NDE Services, in a Danish company by the name of FORCE Technology, we have been working with NDE for the last 65 years and are still expanding, we are aprox. 1200 employees where 400 are working with NDE, we have developed the Automated Ultrasonic System P-Scan which have been used for at least 25 years.
I've been informed that you are looking for equipment and personnel to perform under water inspection in a water filled tank, we have equipment to perform underwater Ultrasonic inspection down to 1000 meters, and will be able to to offer the services also.
Please take a look at our home page you might find something interesting, you are also very welcome to contact me again if you have any questions or just want more information regarding our services, you can also call me on my cell phone at any time.

Best Regards

Jens Erik Olsen
EN 473 Level 3

Head of Department
Advanced NDE Services

FORCE Technology, Brøndby
Park Allé 345
2605 Brøndby

Phone: +45 43 26 70 00
Direct: +45 43 26 73 69
Mobile: +45 22 69 73 69
Fax: +45 43 26 70 11
e-mail: jeo@force.dk
www: www.forcetechnology.com

18:12 Feb-20-2009
Geert Bontekoe
Re: Tank Bottom Inspections In Reply to Tim Heimel at 21:27 Feb-16-2009 (Opening).

Dear Tim,

I work for TechCorr USA LLC. To my best knowledge we are the only company that performs In-Service robotic inspections. We can do this in water tanks, or in tanks with products like Diesel, kerosine and crude oil. This system is also known under the name InTank. Besides the inspection we can also simulteniously clean the bottom of the tank.

For further questions you can contact me or go to our website www.techcorr.com

Regards Geert Bontekoe
Product development Mmanager
TechCorr USA LLC

23:13 Feb-20-2009

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: Tank Bottom Inspections In Reply to Tim Heimel at 21:27 Feb-16-2009 (Opening).

There a number of specialsit nuclear service providers who can probably help - on top of that there are people with underwater UT systems such as Force and Becht Sonomatic. TechCorr now own the InTank robotic system and Washington Group in the US may well have developed items for the nuclear industry.

DNV are developing ART Acoustic Resonance Transducers with this type of application in mind.

08:10 Feb-21-2009

bob sudharmin

Engineering, Reliability and Integrity Eng
Shell Malaysia Trading,
Joined Jan 2008
Re: Tank Bottom Inspections In Reply to Geert Bontekoe at 18:12 Feb-20-2009 .

How does this system go with code requirements especially with remaining bottom plate thickness and the recommendations for next schedule inspection. Can the findings be used as deferral for AST maintenance?

14:58 Feb-22-2009

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: Tank Bottom Inspections In Reply to bob sudharmin at 08:10 Feb-21-2009 .

Look at API 653 the use of robotic systems is clearly identified as a possible approach to tank floor inspections. I am not sure if other standards such as EEMUA 159 address it in the same way. If the system produces tank floor measurements you use the data in the same way as you would out of service measurements. Due to cost and access restrictions the robot may not cover as much of the tank floor as you would during an out of service inspection. As such you will need to consider some form of statistical analysis to enhance the confidence in the examination.

As with all NDE approaches, understand the advantages, disadvanatages and limitations of the approach, apply the examination, evaluate did it deliver what you expected and then analyze the data.


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