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query for case depth measurement tester
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04:33 Feb-23-2009
Debdutta Mallik
query for case depth measurement tester

Can anyone suggest me the portable NDT instrument which can measure the case depth of case hardened material as well as the hardness along the depth with change in values (applicable to surface hardened/case hardened material).
By NDT how it can measured what is the hardness below the surface.
Best Regards,

Debdutta Mallik

06:13 Feb-23-2009
Simon Amallraja
Re: query for case depth measurement tester In Reply to Debdutta Mallik at 04:33 Feb-23-2009 (Opening).

You can use any Ultrasonic Flaw Detector which supports nodularity application for your reqt.

Contact me if you need more details.


17:33 Feb-23-2009

Dave Utrata

R & D,
Center for NDE, Iowa State University,
Joined Feb 2000
Re: query for case depth measurement tester In Reply to Simon Amallraja at 06:13 Feb-23-2009 .

I find this terminology can be confusing. What precisely is meant by case hardened? I personally would expect that to mean a hard surface layer via carburization, but I have colleagues who feel that it could also include nitriding (which I'd accept) and also induction hardening (which isn't correct to me).

Ultimately, the measurement of a case layer is predicated on time of flight of signals reflecting from the interface between the case layer and the interior. Last time I looked there were very few commercially suitable devices for such measurements.
Are any available these days? Doesn't the nature of that "case" seriously affect the success of this ultrasonic method?


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