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Technical Discussions
Geert Bontekoe
Geert Bontekoe
02:48 Feb-24-2009
In service tank inspection

The InTank system uses 8 transducers and takes 1200 measurements in 2 foot runs. We cover at least 2% of the tankfloor (in a 67ft tank that means 105 runs). Using RBI calculations we then calculate the predicted minimum remaining wall thickness.
There have been trials where the same tanks where first inspected by InTank and then taken out of service and tested with an traditional MFL floor scanner. InTank was better is those test compared to the out of service method in getting the minimum remaining wall thickness. It can measure both bottom and topside corrosion.

Regards Geert Bontekoe

bob sudharmin
Engineering, Reliability and Integrity Eng
Shell Malaysia Trading, Malaysia, Joined Jan 2008, 54

bob sudharmin

Engineering, Reliability and Integrity Eng
Shell Malaysia Trading,
Joined Jan 2008
05:31 May-03-2009
Re: In service tank inspection
In Reply to Geert Bontekoe at 02:48 Feb-24-2009 (Opening).

Pardon me.
How can a coverage of 2% of the tankfloor be an adequate judgement on the minimum remaining wall thickness comparatively with the MFL scanner?

Geert Bontekoe
Geert Bontekoe
01:22 May-04-2009
Re: In service tank inspection
In Reply to bob sudharmin at 05:31 May-03-2009 .

Dear Bob, This has been tested in field trials.
We also did tests with 4% coverage. This resulted in a very small improvement in prediction of greatest wall loss for double the inspection time.


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