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ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds
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13:01 Mar-07-2009
ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds

ASNT UT Level II technician can perform AUT on welds(having knowledge on AUT ) with out any additional qualification. Please clarify.


13:28 Mar-07-2009

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds In Reply to Zaheer at 13:01 Mar-07-2009 (Opening).

Hi Zaheer

What is being done for whom, to which Code or standard and what is the customer prepared to acccept. You really dont give enough scenario details for a focused response.

I am certain that many AUT experts hold no qualification, such as the engineers and system designers. Perhaps they may operate systems for trials and demos. If you are referring to production testing leading to accept/reject to a Code then please note the following:

1. Properly it is either SNT-TC-1A Level II or ACCP Lavel II, ASNT Level II is a misconception.

3. ACCP Level II, as far as I know, has no AUT element in its UT qualification process, and so is not applcable for AUT

3. SNT-TC-1A is employer-based, so if the tech has been trained, examined and certified on AUT equipment by the same employer for whom he will be operating the AUT system then the answer is yes. If, say, the tech has not received appropriate AUT training on the equipment, or if the cert is not issued by the tech's current employer, then the answer is "No".

If the tech is working for one of the big AUT companies who has issued the relevant certificate, then I would think that it should be appropriate certification without going in to an audit of their certification system.

Hope this helps

best regards

08:47 Mar-08-2009


Engineering, - Material Testing Inspection & Quality Control
Retired from Nuclear Fuel Complex ,
Joined Feb 2001
Re: ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 13:28 Mar-07-2009 .

Dear Zaheer,

Nigel has given a very clear and informative reply. I would like to add only one thing: If I am a customer, I may, in addition, conduct my own audit and ask the Level II to demonstrate his / her competence.

For example, we have taken a hard look at the NDT technicians (whatever their certification may be) when witnessing NDT tests at the customer's place. Similarly, we have asked for a weld coupon even from a qualified welder. May be we were being too cautious, but considering the criticality of items, we were willing to pay for such extra efforts.

With best wishes,

Quality and NDT Guru

15:55 Mar-08-2009

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
Re: ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds In Reply to S.V.Swamy at 08:47 Mar-08-2009 .

Hi Swamy,

You are totally right. It's not being too cautious, but everyone do makes mistake. For some unknown reason, we always see an audit in a negative way. Maybe because the auditor concentrate on our fault and do not praise the good technician! I don't know.

Anyway, we should see an audit as a way to learn. I my view, there is two kinds of people in this world. Those who makes mistake because of a lack of training, understanding and so forth. And those who think they know it all and their way is the only way. In the case of the former, the situation is easely resolved. You train them, you teach them and with understanding, they will correct their mistake. The later, well!!! There isn't much you can do with them, except to show them the door. They are a liability to your company.

16:44 Mar-08-2009
Re: ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds In Reply to Michel Couture at 15:55 Mar-08-2009 .

Thanks Mr.Nigel, Swamy, Michel for your valuable guidence


11:15 Mar-09-2009
Re: ASNT UT Level II can perform AUT on welds In Reply to Zaheer at 13:01 Mar-07-2009 (Opening).


I my self work for a multi national company and i have A.I.N.D.T UT Level-2 welds " The Australian equivilent" and i went throught a 3 wekk in-huse training on the runnign of the equipment and systems as you know everyhting is very different when it comes to AUT.

With client Auditing ect... i'v never had a problem and the clients i do this work ofr and very well know Gas, oil & Mining companys.

I sum it up as dont worry about it is it is your employers problem if something goes wrong


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