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18:02 Mar-13-2009

My name is Adam, im 22 and from the north east of england.
i have noexperience in the ndt trade but im looking to train to become an ndt technician,
i've looked around at different courses and cant seem to find the right one.

the courses im interested in taking are:

liquid penetrant level 1 + 2
magnetic particle level 1 + 2
ultrasonic level 1 + 2

i would like the pcn certification for these courses, i wish to do the level 1 and 2 at the same time.
if anyone knows or has done these in england could you please tell me and possibly give me a number

cheers, adam

18:18 Mar-13-2009
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to adam at 18:02 Mar-13-2009 (Opening).

Hi Adam,

Due to your age and experience you will need to do the level 1 first and gain more experience before doing the level 2.
You can do these at various places which inc

Granta Park
Great Abington
CB21 6AL
Tel: 01223 899000

Talon NDT Limited
Aberdeen NDE Centre
Unit 9, Murcar Commercial Park
Denmore Road,
Bridge of Don
AB23 8JW

Tel: 01224 822251

Lavender Int NDT
Consultancy Services Ltd
Unit 7 Penistone Station

Tel: 01226765769

There's some to get you going.


19:41 Mar-13-2009
gary whitworth
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to adam at 18:02 Mar-13-2009 (Opening).

Hi Adam,
Go straight for level 2, you will get work experience with level 2 although you wont be able to work alone or sign off reports until your tickets come through.
There is not that much difference in the levels just a few basic calculations.
I would personally recommend Lavender International in Penistone, very good relaxing methods of getting things across to the candidates.

21:57 Mar-13-2009
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to gary whitworth at 19:41 Mar-13-2009 .

with the lavender international courses will the qualifications be of pcn standard??

TWI is probably closer as there is one in middlesbrough but i have checked there courses and you can only do level 1 as they say you need so many hours after you qualify to go back for level 2 and i want them both together.

i already have a job offer for my first few month after i get my level 1 + 2 to match the hours experience with the qualifications.

04:28 Mar-15-2009


Engineering, - Material Testing Inspection & Quality Control
Retired from Nuclear Fuel Complex ,
Joined Feb 2001
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to adam at 21:57 Mar-13-2009 .

Dear Adam,

You can join the job as a trainee and log in the required months of experience and go for Level II straight. There is no provision to do both level 1 and level 2 together (and why would you want to do that when you can go for level 2 straight?). The number of months of experience are more for level 2 than for level 1 and depends on the educational qualification.

If you want to do the courses in different NDT methods at the same time, you need to train in all of them and the number of months increases, but not proportionately.

I wish you success.

NDT Guru
Hyderabad, India

18:51 Mar-15-2009
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to adam at 18:02 Mar-13-2009 (Opening).

Dear Adam,
I would recommend Lavender where i did my qualifications and i totally agree with Mr gary whitworth.
You can do it two ways for both Levels:
1: Gain experience before course = Your employer will sign the experience sheet for you, so after you pass it takes a few days to have your certs sent to yout adress.
2: Do the course first = So you get a job and you won't be able to sign off any reports until you work the period required, than your employer will sign your experience sheet and send it to BINDT to issue your certs.
The experience required for the courses you are looking for:
Course _______________ Level1 _______________ Level2
UT ___________________ 3 Months _______________ 9 Months
MT & PT ______________ 1 Month _______________ 3 Months
I would recommend the first way so when you go to the course you won't be clueless, as well get the benefit of your age, you are still young.
In my opinion The most important of all this you have to have some good CONTACTS, that's the way how it works in this trade pal. I am a Level 2 tech( UT, MT and PT ) with offshore survival and offshore medical and struggling to get a job because i haven't got any contacts and off work since last November by other way: SO DESPRATE FOR A JOB. It did cost me all together over £ 4000 and i was thinking this morning to forget about NDT and imagin i've gambled using that money on Manchester utd to beat Liverpool. LOL.
I hope that i answerd your question and i wish you all the best in your new career.

23:03 Mar-17-2009
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to Simo at 18:51 Mar-15-2009 .

i think i will actually go for the course at lavender, does the course have the pcn qualification??

yes i already have a job offer for when i pass, the money isn't great but it will get me the hours i need untill my certs are issued. I am a industrial painter by trade and have made alot of contacts through that and know alot of highup people abroad.

cheers to all the people who replied to my questions its appreciated

12:33 Mar-18-2009
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to adam at 18:02 Mar-13-2009 (Opening).

Hi Adam,
Yes you can do the PCN at Lavender and it's 3 weeks 2 days course for UT and 1 week for MT and the same for PT.
Really glad to know you've got a job offer and i wish you all the best.
If you need any more informations you can contact me on my Email:

14:03 Mar-18-2009
gary whitworth
Re: NDT QUALIFICATIONS IN THE UK In Reply to adam at 18:02 Mar-13-2009 (Opening).

Yes the courses are PCN and you will get the certificate once the hours of training are accrued.
Yes Lavenders is further away from you but if you want good training with experienced and approachable lecturers then this is the place, of course a pass is nto guaranteed and you have to put the effort into the courses.


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