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UT for disbonding
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16:30 Mar-19-2009
Joerg Neubert
UT for disbonding

we have the task to test for disbonding of SS 1.4550 using SAS4IG (nearly similar material) as weld metal. The thickness of weld metal is appr. 3 mm. Testing should be performed using SDH as reflectors. the test block has a diameter of 273 mm (not ready yet). The test object is ready next Monday.
I prepared a MSEB4, E series, to be adapted at the curvature of 273 mm.
But now I am not sure if it is the right probe. Should`nt I use higher frequencies?
For any hints or advices I thank You in advance

16:51 Mar-19-2009

Luis Ganhao

Joined Sep 2008
Re: UT for disbonding In Reply to Joerg Neubert at 16:30 Mar-19-2009 (Opening).

The best probes for disbonding detection are the benchjmark and between 10-15 MHz because you you need haigh resolution for diferentiate the metal base and the SS interface

10:04 Jul-14-2009
Theo Micottis
Re: UT for disbonding In Reply to Luis Ganhao at 16:51 Mar-19-2009 .

I have to verify disbonding using ASME IV Technique two.The customer haven't gave me the standard of acceptance yet.Which could be an acceptance standard for ASME?
Thank you in advance


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