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19:55 Mar-21-2009
NDT auditing

Gentle men ,

If we were to carry out auditing of a NDT services company what are the steps are we supposed to follow & how it is to be carried out

20:22 Mar-21-2009

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: NDT auditing In Reply to Janardhanan at 19:55 Mar-21-2009 (Opening).

Its a big question for a Forum. Start off by outlining what you are trying to achieve - is this a full comprehensive assessment of capabilities or a more simple verification of compliance with the QA system or applicable codes, standards or regulatory requirements.

First question is do they have a formal QA system and from this and by leveraging many of the QA guidance documents you can develop an audit checklist of items that directly impact quality of the performance and then rank them in order of criticality.

Remember an effective NDE system is made up of many components the trick is to decide which ones are critical to the delivery of NDE for your application and focus in on them.

21:56 Mar-21-2009

William Blum

Consultant, Training, Level III Services
NDT Consulting Group Inc.,
Joined Nov 2000
Re: NDT auditing In Reply to Janardhanan at 19:55 Mar-21-2009 (Opening).

I suggest you look at ASTM E 1359 - Standard Guide for Evaluating Capabilities of Nondestructive Testing Agencies and E 543 - Standard Specification for Agencies Performing Nondestructive Testing. Both of these will help you decide what to audit. Alternatively, you could hire a company who has experience in auditing NDT service providers.

09:19 Mar-22-2009


Other, Retired ex Laboratory Technical Manager
OMECO Research Centre,
Joined Sep 2008
Re: NDT auditing In Reply to Janardhanan at 19:55 Mar-21-2009 (Opening).

Williams answer is unexceptionable. Also EN 17025 is applicable, if from ambient requested.


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