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What is the best LRGUT machine available
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17:22 Mar-27-2009

Dr. Ahmed Yamani

Director, - President & CEO
Yamani Institute of Technology,
Joined Nov 2001
What is the best LRGUT machine available

Dear All,

I appreciate very much if one could tell me what is the best long range Guided UT machine available on the market when comparing price versus capabilities. I know there are few on the market but I am sure that from your experience one would gather useful information.
Can you also include the approximate cost of each if possible. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

you can reach me directly at yamani@tesci.net.

11:24 Mar-28-2009

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: What is the best LRGUT machine available In Reply to Dr. Ahmed Yamani at 17:22 Mar-27-2009 (Opening).

Its a good question and you will get many answers its a bit like asking 10 experts the same question you will get 20 different answers. I am sure all of the manufacturers will quickly be posting extolling the virtues of their systems. If you are going to compare price you are heading down the wrong path as cost should not be the first consideration. Define what you want to do with the technology and in what configurations, access etc. The more complex the application the greater the emphasis will be on training, experience support etc. The further away from the manufacturers the greater dependence upon equipment reliability. Ask how many systems each has in the field - the more the better as it demonstrates some degree of customer preferred selection.
Look where they are going with the technology - future add ons, developments etc.
Define a scope and then send to all the manufacturers, benchmark their response against a litreature or industry expert review and finally request a performance test. After this you should be able to decide which is the best for your circumstances.

18:11 Mar-28-2009

Sang Kim

Consultant, NDT Trainer
Guided Wave Analysis LLC,
Joined Feb 2008
Re: What is the best LRGUT machine available In Reply to John O'Brien at 11:24 Mar-28-2009 .

I am happy to answer the question as a worldwide seller (except China) of one of long-range guided-Wave UT system – MsSR3030R. The following is the prices and capabilities:
1) Price of the whole system is less than $150,000 including 5-day Level-I training for long-range guided-wave technology, 50-hour continuous training during the 1st one year, MsSR3030R system and accessory, probes operating center frequencies of 32 and lower, 45-, 64-, 90-, 128-, 180-, and 250-kHz that will allow acquiring the guided wave data at any frequency between 8 kHz to 300 kHz.
2) Inspecting pipe size: 1/8-inch to 60-inch-OD pipe, pressure vessel bigger than 40-inch-OD using sectional probe
3) Clearance along the length of pipe, that is required for installing probe, is about 2.5 or 3 inches.
4) Wide frequency band inspection of between 10 and 250 kHz is possible with 2-inch-wide probe.
5) High temperature inspection for a pipe: less than 150 Celsius degree for inspection and 300 Celsius degree for monitoring (once the probe is bonded).
6) Allow installing probe if the pipe circumference of 70 percent or more is accessible. It allows guided-wave inspection without removing heat-tracer line.
7) Dead zone and near-field zone length are about 0.4 ft with 128 kHz, 0.7 ft with 64-kHz, and 1 ft with 32-kHz center frequency.
8) Long inspection range and high sensitivity with 360-degree covering guided wave probe. We claim that it is the best in any guided wave systems in the world.
9) The system can be used for inspecting anchor rod, plate, cable, heat-exchanger tube with additional training and probes.
10) One-year continuous training is supported by Level III guided-wave trainer.

The comparison test is the best way to compare the performance of guided-wave systems. Request a performance test (“Seeing is believing”) with a pipe sample and compare the guided-wave systems. Don’t judge with the performance and capability of the equipment with the price of equipment, how many equipment is sold, and how nice the brochure is. You will find who is afraid comparison test and who is blocking the comparison test in the market because of the poor performance with high price tag. Try to find who it is with the comparison test with pipe samples. For more information about long-range guided-wave system, please visit the following website (http://www.gwanalysis.com/).



21:33 Mar-28-2009

Dr. Ahmed Yamani

Director, - President & CEO
Yamani Institute of Technology,
Joined Nov 2001
Re: What is the best LRGUT machine available In Reply to John O'Brien at 11:24 Mar-28-2009 .

Thank you Mr. John it is nice to hear from you it has been a long time...All the hypothesis you put forward are very much legitimate, but I wanted only a symple answer for a curious question that turns out to be a sensitive but important one.

Thank you Dr. Sang for the information regarding your system. I hope that a journal of NDT any one would reserve a page or two to review and compare technology tools especially if few only are on the market.... Thanks to all.


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