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08:53 Apr-13-2009
NDT on Agri Products

Hi All,

I am looking for various NDT methods - suggestions and recommendations to check / test Agri Products including and specifically for Vegetables and Friuts for sorting or ripening process.

Thanks in advance

Simon Amallraja

19:32 Apr-13-2009


Other, Retired ex Laboratory Technical Manager
OMECO Research Centre,
Joined Sep 2008
Re: NDT on Agri Products In Reply to Simon at 08:53 Apr-13-2009 (Opening).

There are in Italy an important institute in the area wine and apples, perhaps they have any ideas: http://www.ismaa.it/

10:10 Apr-14-2009

Liviu Singher

R & D,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: NDT on Agri Products In Reply to Simon at 08:53 Apr-13-2009 (Opening).

There are many methods that were used to inspect fruit quality. You can look at spectroscopy as well as acoustics. Do you look for a more specific application?

14:50 Apr-14-2009


Engineering, - Material Testing Inspection & Quality Control
Retired from Nuclear Fuel Complex ,
Joined Feb 2001
Re: NDT on Agri Products In Reply to Simon at 08:53 Apr-13-2009 (Opening).

There are x-ray based equipment for high speed sorting of fruits and vegetables (my colleagues in BARC were developing one for checking out mangoes meant for export to USA). Spectrometric sorting (based on light, color) coupled with high speed image analysis can also do the job if the fruits are naturally ripened. Probably system integraters may be able to put together different off the shelf systems to achieve a specific output.

Would be happy to be associated with any such development work!

19:13 Apr-14-2009
Re: NDT on Agri Products In Reply to Liviu Singher at 10:10 Apr-14-2009 .

More specifically for storing the Vegetables and Fruits in Cold Storage facilities after harvest, before export and or local distribution.

This should help the buyer - including the consumer to buy good quality products from any store acroos India or anywhere.

If you have done similar projects, I would like to understand the technique and possibly market to system to some of our hot potential customer

S.V.Swamy: I would like to get in touch with your collegue in BARC. Kindly give me the contact details.


D.Simon Amallraja


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