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Nigel Armstrong
Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom, Joined Oct 2000, 1096

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
11:34 Apr-16-2009
Phased Array software


I have recently gained CSWIP manual PA Level 2 certification. At work we have an Omniscan MX PA system.

From my own limited experience I think that the Tomoview software is an essential element of the PAUT tool-kit. Some experienced PAUT techs have told me they prefer to evaluate directly from the MX display. What are the pros and cons of either approach? Would value your comments.



Aaron Greenbank
Aaron Greenbank
13:46 Apr-16-2009
Re: Phased Array software
In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 11:34 Apr-16-2009 (Opening).


The requirement for using Tomoview will depend a great deal on the inspection requirements. It is true that some experienced inspectors will do their initial evaluations onboard the Omniscan, 'primarily because it is quicker this way and does not require the use of a loptop in the field. Having said that, the majority of inspectors, I believe, will do some form of post analysis and sentencing of the inspection data using Tomoview. In addition, Tomoview allows for less experienced technicians to perform the data acquisition of an inspection and the data can be reviewed remotely by a more experienced inspector. There are several good reasons for using Tomoview, these are only a few. Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions.


Aaron Greenbank
Product Manager - Omniscan


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