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16:15 Apr-16-2009
Costs of UT pipeline inspection, planes, rail, ships


can anyone of you tell me what it costs (approximately) to check a pipeline of 1 km using UT? I need this number for a seminar paper. It would be also great, if you could tell me what it costs to check a ship, a plane and ICE axes. You can make an estimation, too. I am not very good in making a guess about numbers.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


Michel Couture
NDT Inspector,
consultant, Canada, Joined Sep 2006, 893

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
16:22 Apr-18-2009
Re: Costs of UT pipeline inspection, planes, rail, ships
In Reply to Giulia at 16:15 Apr-16-2009 (Opening).

Hi Giulia,

What you are asking is a pretty tall order. I guess those that are more involved with pipelines knows what is involved and could give you an answer, but some other stuff like a plane, it is almost impossible.

For a plane, the ocst are very much dependent on the type, model and age of the plane. There are scheduled inpsection and the cost for that can be estimated and there are some unscheduled inspection like Airworthiness Directives (normally issued by the FAA) and Service Bulletins (issued by the manufacturer) where it is a little more tricky. Sometimes what start as a straight forward inspection turns into a nightmare. And this is when the cost goes up.

I hope you understand.


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