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12:28 Apr-18-2009
Circular magnetization

Dear all,

Can you advise me, how to produce circular magnetic field on test piece which as no acces to
pass through the shooting rod

Test piece that will inspect is threaded guide shoe and float collar.

My facility that available to produce circular magnetic field are shooting rod with CDS and AC Yoke



Bruce McPherson
MFL Services, United Kingdom, Joined Mar 2009, 26

Bruce McPherson

MFL Services,
United Kingdom,
Joined Mar 2009
13:03 Apr-18-2009
Re: Circular magnetization
In Reply to Kusnadie at 12:28 Apr-18-2009 (Opening).

You could try the adjacent conductor method. Place the shooting rod on top of the pipe (make sure it's electrically insulated from the pipe) and then shoot it. Use a Burmah Castrol strip or equivalent to see if there is enough residual circular field to do the inspection. if not shoot the rod again (and again if necessary) until you get enough residual field. Also check how far around the circumference of the pipe the magnetic field is strong enough to do the inspection. This will tell you how many places around the circumference you have to shoot the rod to inspect the full circumference of the pipe.
If you can't get a strong enough magnetic field using this method, then I'm afraid it will have to be the AC yoke

Best Regards


14:04 Apr-18-2009
Re: Circular magnetization
In Reply to Bruce McPherson at 13:03 Apr-18-2009 .


Thank you for reply, I will try ASAP


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