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Matec Instrument Companies, Inc.
Ultrasonic test instrumentation and systems for scientific research, quality control inspection and production testing applications.

08:28 May-12-2009


Director, Editor, Publisher, Internet, PHP MySQL
Joined Nov 1998
NDT Webinar

In this month's issue we have announced two Webinar in our news. One from Olympus is called "The Benefits of Phased Array in Weld Inspection" at May 19,

The other one from SGS "Guided Wave Inspection Technique" at May 13,14,26.

Who knows about other NDT Webinar? And how useful they are in general? Or in particular the two recent one.
After you have visited them please post you opinion here.

07:43 May-29-2009


Engineering, - Material Testing Inspection & Quality Control
Retired from Nuclear Fuel Complex ,
Joined Feb 2001
Re: NDT Webinar In Reply to Rolf at 08:28 May-12-2009 (Opening).

This is the first webinar that I sampled on the web (earlier my internet connection was too slow to allow that). My initial reactions are:

- it is definitely a good idea since experts located all over the world and those seeking solutions can come together

- the presentation has the same limitations as attending a real life seminar (the speaker and the visuals are not always synchronized)

- the US accent was a little difficult for me, esp. when not face to face

- if the bandwidth and internet speed allow, a video seminar may be better.

- Sub-titles can be provided post seminar to help those who are unable to understand the accent.

May be I will get used to the concept as I go along but right now, I would prefer a power point presentation embedded in a blog where comments can be posted and answered. Something like a forum.



08:14 May-29-2009

Prasad Rajan

Director, NDT Consultant
Energy Workforce Group of Companies,
Joined Aug 2003
Re: NDT Webinar In Reply to Rolf at 08:28 May-12-2009 (Opening).

Dear Rolf,

I guess this is the way to go as we have really enjoyed the Olympus NDT PA
video (the recorded Webinar at http://www.olympus-ims.com/en/weldinspection/).

This is will open up a lot more area for the people to describe their
problems in the video format and upload in the web for expert advice. Also a
good marketing tool for service providers like us!

However is there any way to increase the size of the webinar video display?
It is difficult to view some of the writings due to its small size



13:08 May-29-2009

Ed Ginzel

R & D, -
Materials Research Institute,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: NDT Webinar In Reply to Rolf at 08:28 May-12-2009 (Opening).


I watched some of the Olympus NDT version of this. It seems to be a PowerPoint with audio. You did a
similar feature with the guest speaker at a conference 2-3 years ago. Perhaps the interaction
aspect with Webinar is a bit different and the technical implementation more convenient now than it
was for you 3 years ago. But ultimately this is a video presentation (from my simple perspective).
It seems to be a useful training tool, and it will also be an advertising tool.
The incorporation into the Forum is a good way for adding the information without worrying about the
monthly time schedule for publication.


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