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probes hall effect and toroidal
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19:18 May-18-2009


Joined Jan 2009
probes hall effect and toroidal

hi everybody...
I have two question above probes hall effect and toroidal magetization..
The questions are:
1)I generally used the tangenzial probe to determinate the magnetic circular field and magnetic longitudinal field on piece during MT ispection... I had a new tesla meter with two probe and i have difficult on correct choose probe because during same ispection i have two different value on field if i use the normal probe or tangential probe. For megnetic circular (such as central conductor,direct current,ecc) i choose the tangential probe and for magnetic longitudinal (such as coil, induced current method,ecc) i choose the normal probe.. Is correct my choose on the use probe?
The second question:
2) Is necessary to have the AC current in toroidal magnetization or i can also use CC current?
I know that questions are difficul but i hope in your help..
Best regard


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