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Technical Discussions
Nilesh Pathare
Nilesh Pathare
12:37 May-25-2009
ECT on Phenolic Impregnated Graphite tubes in Heat Exchager

Dear Members,
We want to carry out Eddy Current Testing on Heat exchangers tubes having material of Phenolic Impregnated Graphite. Size: 2" OD X 1 1/2" ID and about 6 meter long.
So the Thickness of the tube is 6.35 mm.
I want to know that Which method shall be used for Eddy current testing.
What will be the effect of Impregnated Phenolic on Conductivity of Graphite?
what will be the frequency to be used and type of probe?

Ingo Becker
Engineering, NDT Inspector & Sales
ec-works GmbH, Germany, Joined Apr 2000, 29

Ingo Becker

Engineering, NDT Inspector & Sales
ec-works GmbH,
Joined Apr 2000
10:03 May-26-2009
Re: ECT on Phenolic Impregnated Graphite tubes in Heat Exchager
In Reply to Nilesh Pathare at 12:37 May-25-2009 (Opening).

The inspection of Graphite tubes can be done with the use of special designed eddy current probes. We have done sucessful a few inspections in the past. As always with eddy current techniques, you need a calibration tube with natural or machined calibration defects to find a proper setting and to evaluate the eddy current signals you receive during the inspection.

You are welcome to contact us directly for further support.


Ingo Becker


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