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MPI swing fields
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05:26 May-28-2009
John Galt
MPI swing fields

Could someone please explain to me what a "swing field" is and how it relates to magnetic particle inspection?

I'm doing my MPI level 2 exam next month and someone told me this subject was on their written portion (CGSB exam).

I'm having trouble finding the info in my text books and online so any explanation or links to online info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

08:25 May-28-2009

Rolf Diederichs

Director, Editor, Publisher, Internet, PHP MySQL
Joined Nov 1998
Re: MPI swing fields In Reply to John Galt at 05:26 May-28-2009 (Opening).

In NDT A-Z is written:

Swinging Field Magnetization
Related Entries: Multi-Directional Magnetization,

Special equipment allows two or more currents in different directions to be applied simultaneously. This permits locating discontinuities in more than one direction and shortens inspection time.

Edward Ginzel created: 1999-12-11

05:33 Dec-08-2014
Robert J. Nitka
Re: MPI swing fields In Reply to John Galt at 05:26 May-28-2009 (Opening).

In reply to John Galt

There's a great paper on this subject that can be found at
www.insight-ndt.com/papers/technical/t002.pdf. One note, the author often refers the swing field changing vector direction 50 times/sec. In the US, this would be 60 times/sec.

12:51 Dec-09-2014


Joined Nov 2014
Re: MPI swing fields In Reply to John Galt at 05:26 May-28-2009 (Opening).

normally, we use two kinds of current simultaneously, one is AC and the other is DC. we use AC to generate the direction of the magnetic field which is changing all the time. thus, the swing field forms.


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